Thursday, 23 December 2010

washington part 1

First part of my purchases from Washington DC, the makeup. I'll post about the clothes another time (hopefully!)

This isn't actually everything, I forgot to add the MAC blush (seen in my last post), and a few nail polishes which you'll probably see at some point.

First up, a list of eveyrthing pictured:
Benefit 'Some beauty to love' set $29
MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick $14.50
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium $26
MAC #189 Face Brush $42 (!!, didn't actually realise the price of this)
MAC #219 Brush $24.50
MAC #242 Brush $24.50
Sephora Lipstick that I think is Innocent Beige here but I'm not sure - if it is, $12
Sephora double ended brush $35
Diorshow Mascara $24
Strawberry lipbalm that smells awesome and probably cost about $3

(links to a lot of these are included in my last post)

I don't wear the lipsticks much in the daytime apart from weekends but I do like them together - the Sephora one on top.
I wear the mascara every day and although I think it's good I don't think I'll be repurchasing, I just don't think it's that amazing.


Here are the contents of the Benefit set - That Gal primer, Coralista blush, Bad Gal mascara and Eye Bright eye pencil.
I haven't really used the primer too much, it's the first primer I've ever owned and I've never really seen it as something that I need to use - maybe I'm missing something?
I wear the blusher every day, I love it. It can be a little bright so I usually wear the MAC MSF over the top of it to tone it down.
I did try using the eye pencil but didn't really notice much difference with it.
I've used the mascara a couple of times and I'm sure it deserves the great reviews it gets but I'm sticking with the Dior for a while - mainly because it's Dior!


The brushes. I use the pink one most as you can probably tell, I use the end pictured to apply my MSF. As I'm not a huge eyeshadow wearer the smaller two brushes don't get much use but I thought they would be good to have. I use the face brush with my MAC blush but I'm not sure I'm using it for what it's meant for?

I did take a photo of my current nails on my webcam but as usual the quality is awful - exceptionally today, so I'm not going to post it on the blog, but you can click here to see it if you really want to.

And I think that's it. If this was in the UK and I bought that much stuff (read: spent that amount of money) in the space of a week I'd be feeling incredibly guilty, but I think the fact I had a set amount of money to spend up with not much else to spend it on, I can justify it :)

Well, I hope you liked, and if you have any tips on how I should be using my brushes (in particular the MAC face brush) let me know!

In case I don't post again before (I was intending to but don't actually think I'll have enough time), I hope you all have a brilliant christmas and new year!
I may not have thousands of followers like some but I appreciate all 12 of you that clicked the follow button, so thank you! :)

Monday, 29 November 2010


I know, I know, it's Monday. But this is what I wore on Sunday:

outfit 29-11-10
(forgot to take a photo of the ring on my camera, but I love this ring!)
dress - h&m (£9.99)
cardigan, tights, ring, necklace - forever 21 (US)
shoes - 'signature'; i think they're from tesco (£8?)

I should've taken a close up of the necklace really, you can see it closer in one of the photos below, but its a little wooden cat :3

I bought quite a bit of new makeup while I was in Washington (saving this for another post) and so yesterday I was just playing around with it really, and below is what I ended up with. Not a fan of these pictures but this is the best it got.
These are all with flash as working 9-5:30 means it's always pitch black when I get home.
Sorry for the quality of the webcam ones but I thought in some cases it showed the makeup better - I'm not so sure now though.

Lush Colour Supplement in Light Pink (I think this is the wrong colour for me, think I needed Light Yellow)

Garnier tinted roll on under eyes
2 eyeshadows from a No7 palette I don't know the name of - a pale purple/lilac over the lid and a darker purple in the crease
Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner
Diorshow Mascara

Sephora Lipstick, which doesn't say the shade on it


Hope you like!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New shoes! (and a dress)

I wanted this to be a better post than it's going to be but 1. I got fed up of trying to get good shots and 2. I realised half the stuff I wanted to photograph was in the wash.
So, here are 3 pairs of shoes I bought on a trip to Norwich recently, and one dress.
This isn't even all the shoes I got either, I got a replacement work pair and some 'military' boots.
I went to Primark and after reading Zoe's blog (here) about going early to Primark, I set off at about 7:45 and with the extra walking, got thereat about 9:15am.
For the Norwich branch, I didn't think it was that brilliant to be there early, but I think that was more to do with the stock in that particular store. Everything was there in all sizes for example, and it was definitely tidier (staff were still restocking while I walked round) but I just didn't find much to buy.
Here is some of what I did buy though:
First is a pair of flats I've looked at every time I visited Primark for a while, I finally bought them. Nothing too exciting but I don't have many flats so needed some. These were £8.

Next are some shoe boots that I'm still not 100% on really. I'd seen them in a khaki/brown colourway and I think the black will go with more stuff. They're a leather/suede style combination, with a heel too. And they're actually really comfy to walk in! The heel is higher than it looks here, my rug has made them sink a little. These were £13 I think, also Primark.

I saw these shoes online, I think on one of the InStyle 'in store this week' things. I really liked them straight away and so found them on the Marks & Spencer website - £35. I think this is the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes actually! (Yeah, I'm pretty tight!) So rather than buying them online I wanted to try them on in person first, and when I found them they were in my exact size - 4.5 :)

This dress is from H&M, it was £9.99. I bought it in another colour, a sort of rusty orange/nude-ish colour. Hard to describe but it's in the wash so I can't show you it. I'm planning to wear it soon so possible outfit post! It's also not quite as see-through but as I'm sure a lot of bloggers are noticing, it's getting hard to take photos without flash after work now.
Here's a little close up - it's not just grey like it looks in the full shot.
I really meant it when I said little!

And here's just one of the shots I took when trying to position my camera (on top of 4 pillows and a book, if anyone cares!), but I thought I'd include it as it shows what I typically wear to work.
H&M £3 skirt - on my trip to Norwich I bought 3 of these, bringing my total to 6 (one being Tesco though, and one having a hole in - must throw that out!).
Primark horse jumper I think £11 - again with the animals.
Primark £7 cardigan - I have this in navy, brown and cream, and I wear the navy and brown ones to work, as well as other coloured thinner ones.
Primark tights £3, these have more of a pattern to them but it's not easy to tell in the photo.
I always wear one of the skirts, usually with black tights, and a t-shirt and cardigan, with black pumps.

In other news, the cat from my last post, turned out her leg was broken. She has to stay in a cage for 6-8 weeks without coming out at all. She went for a checkup yesterday and she'd developed some sort of cyst in her bladder, so they had to operate on that, and now she's got a shaved belly and a cone on her head. Poor girl :( Hopefully she'll keep getting better now though, the vet did say her leg was improving brilliantly.

I'm also off to the States on Tuesday, to Washington DC. It's my first time actually leaving England, let alone a big trip like this, so I'm excited and nervous at the same time. But I'm sure it will come around really quickly, and then be over before I know it! Eeeeep!

This post was pretty long, I didn't really mean it to be!
When I next post I'll be able to say I've visited the capital of the USA!

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Hello! Apologies for the webcam pictures, my camera is without memory card until further notice :(
I went shopping yesterday, and got this jumper, I love it! I spotted it in the River Island sale for £20 - half price! As I've said before, I'm drawn to things with animals on, so I knew I'd buy this before I even tried it on :)
As well as the jumper, I got a collection 2000 felt tip eyeliner - I didn't want to pay too much as the only other one of these I've had dried out really quickly, so we'll see. I also got a 3 for 2 offer on 17 cosmetics - 'In the Nude' eyeshadow trio, matte top coat, and gloss top coat (I've decided the bubbling in my last post may have been helped by the uber cheap top coat)
I then got a free Lush 'colour supplement' in light pink (free with a voucher in more! magazine). Not 100% on this, it makes me look darker than my current CK foundation, or it could just be the light. But it does suggest to mix it with moisturiser so I may try that too.
The pot is tiny though so I doubt I'll repurchase (for £7.50!) when this runs out.
I'm wearing in in the pictures, along with the eyeliner and eyeshadow, not that you can tell with the quality of the webcam :(
I also did my nails last night, same as before but red instead of blue/yellow. I used the red nails inc polish that came free when you bought 2x bottles of coke, and topped it off with the matte top coat I mentioned. Loving it already!

In the background of my lush picture, you can see my cat Rosie. She's lying around on my bed feeling sorry for herself at the moment cause she has a poorly leg. I've had a bit of an upsetting weekend thinking she'd gone missing for good, but she came back this morning, plus one injured leg :(

So. That's pretty much how I spent my weekend. What did you do?

Saturday, 9 October 2010


So last night I painted my nails.
I read Lily's most recent post and her nails looked so good I wanted to try it out for myself.
This is the first time I've done a pattern on my nails, it's usually just a block colour, so I wasn't expecting anything too amazing.
Like Lily, I used Gem Fatale's tutorial, except I had no liquid eyeliner, but managed to find a black nail art bottle instead.
Here's what I used:

L-R: Barry M 306 Blueberry Ice Cream, Barry M 307 Lemon Ice Cream, Touch of Class Nail Tip Colour,
Rio Black Nail Art Pen & Brush, Touch of Class Clear Nail Colour

The Touch of Class varnishes were bought in a pack with a nude-ish colour for 99p as a French manicure set. I really only bought it for the top coat, which is actually not bad for 99p. I didn't intend to use the white colour but I couldn't decide on a good leopard spot colour so I just went with white.
It turned out better last night than it did this morning, I think there were too many layers and it's gone a little bubbly. I took one twitpic on my phone last night which you can see here.
I took the photos this morning though, so they don't look as great as I hoped they would.
But for a first try, I'm really happy with them. Surprisingly I'm happier with my right hand, which I thought would be awful since I'm not good at painting with my left hand.
But anyway, here are the pictures:

So that's the nails, I'm happy with them :) I think I'll definitely be trying this again!
p.s it's really difficult to take pictures of my right hand!

Monday, 4 October 2010


I've labelled this post number 1 as I've decided the first 2 didn't count seeing as I never finished what I started :)
I've been meaning to do this post for weeks, I tried once, images wouldn't work, so I gave up. Here goes take two.
Went to Primark in Bedford (possibly my favourite branch) a few weeks ago, here's some pictures of some of the bits I got:
This was £6, the colour looks a little off in the picture due to my bedsheets but it's a nude colour. I love the ruffley bits on the shoulders! I wore this to lunch with a grey skirt and blazer and was really happy with my outfit that day, I really should have taken a picture!

I thought this was £5 in the sale but it scanned through at £3 :D I didn't try it on till I got home (as always!) and the first time I thought it was way too long, but it's actually not too bad. A little longer than I'd choose but I still like it :)

Again, I thought this was £5 but it scanned through at £3 :) I think it's too short to get away with being a dress, but I haven't actually worn it yet so we'll see!

Grey hat, £2. Oh yeah, and that's me. I got this to go with a thick scarf and mittens set I've got, hopefully will come in useful in the cold November weather of Washington D.C (:D!!!)
Ohhh and the horse jumper was I think £9, I love it! I do have to wear a vest under as it's a little see-through but I'm immediately drawn to anything with animals on it, especially horses or owls, so I had to have it!

Excuse the face, I'm still struggling to take this hat seriously :) It was £6 and it was another holiday buy, but maybe I'll convince myself to wear it more often, as it is really warm and soft!

Again with the animals :) This was either £1.50 or £2 and I'm mega pleased with it, just haven't decided what to attach it to yet. I thought about trying to attach it to a necklace but that didn't go too well :(

£3 probably. I haven't worn these yet, but the weather's only going to get colder and I've developed a fear of trying to get into my skinnies for work again, so will need thicker tights.

This I think was £2, I've worn it pretty much constantly since I bought it. I'd been looking for a 'love' necklace for a while and I think this one will do just fine :)

£9. I love checked shirts and I really like the 2 different patterns on this. The majority of my checked shirts tend to be some form of red, but apparently red suits me :)

£7 cardigan that I know a lot of people have. I already have this in navy and brown, but I don't have many light coloured cardigans so this seemed like a good idea. It's only been worn a couple of times but that's more to do with me not putting it in the wash!

£15 boots. These didn't photograph very well, this was the best shot of the lot. I wasn't sure on these at first but realised the only 'boots' I have are ugg-style so I needed something a bit sturdier and these are growing on me. Awkward to wear with jeans though!

And that's everything (that I thought was worth taking photos of!). I really want to get into blogging as I've always liked the idea of it but my motivation for anything is always so bad, so here's hoping.


Monday, 26 April 2010

Day Two - Your favourite film

The Wizard of Oz has been a favourite film of mine since I was a child. I have plenty of films I really really like but this is one that has been with me longest. I've also tried to watch it alongside the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon quite a few times, such fun :D It's also pretty much the only musical that I like. I really wanna go see this at the West End when it comes out!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Day One - My Favourite Song

i've never really had an all-time favourite song that i've liked for years and years, i go off songs if i listen to them too much. however, this is basically my favourite ever song anyway:

Jay Sean - Down

lil wayne isn't necessary for me to like a song, but he certainly helps :}
this reminds me of my 18th and of kim and of driving in the summer and of happiness in general. most played on i think so!
plus this song also now has a sort of sentimental value to it. <3

there seems to be only one version of the actual video on youtube and it won't let me share, sigh.