Monday, 4 October 2010


I've labelled this post number 1 as I've decided the first 2 didn't count seeing as I never finished what I started :)
I've been meaning to do this post for weeks, I tried once, images wouldn't work, so I gave up. Here goes take two.
Went to Primark in Bedford (possibly my favourite branch) a few weeks ago, here's some pictures of some of the bits I got:
This was £6, the colour looks a little off in the picture due to my bedsheets but it's a nude colour. I love the ruffley bits on the shoulders! I wore this to lunch with a grey skirt and blazer and was really happy with my outfit that day, I really should have taken a picture!

I thought this was £5 in the sale but it scanned through at £3 :D I didn't try it on till I got home (as always!) and the first time I thought it was way too long, but it's actually not too bad. A little longer than I'd choose but I still like it :)

Again, I thought this was £5 but it scanned through at £3 :) I think it's too short to get away with being a dress, but I haven't actually worn it yet so we'll see!

Grey hat, £2. Oh yeah, and that's me. I got this to go with a thick scarf and mittens set I've got, hopefully will come in useful in the cold November weather of Washington D.C (:D!!!)
Ohhh and the horse jumper was I think £9, I love it! I do have to wear a vest under as it's a little see-through but I'm immediately drawn to anything with animals on it, especially horses or owls, so I had to have it!

Excuse the face, I'm still struggling to take this hat seriously :) It was £6 and it was another holiday buy, but maybe I'll convince myself to wear it more often, as it is really warm and soft!

Again with the animals :) This was either £1.50 or £2 and I'm mega pleased with it, just haven't decided what to attach it to yet. I thought about trying to attach it to a necklace but that didn't go too well :(

£3 probably. I haven't worn these yet, but the weather's only going to get colder and I've developed a fear of trying to get into my skinnies for work again, so will need thicker tights.

This I think was £2, I've worn it pretty much constantly since I bought it. I'd been looking for a 'love' necklace for a while and I think this one will do just fine :)

£9. I love checked shirts and I really like the 2 different patterns on this. The majority of my checked shirts tend to be some form of red, but apparently red suits me :)

£7 cardigan that I know a lot of people have. I already have this in navy and brown, but I don't have many light coloured cardigans so this seemed like a good idea. It's only been worn a couple of times but that's more to do with me not putting it in the wash!

£15 boots. These didn't photograph very well, this was the best shot of the lot. I wasn't sure on these at first but realised the only 'boots' I have are ugg-style so I needed something a bit sturdier and these are growing on me. Awkward to wear with jeans though!

And that's everything (that I thought was worth taking photos of!). I really want to get into blogging as I've always liked the idea of it but my motivation for anything is always so bad, so here's hoping.


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  1. Love the dress that may be too short and your hats! Great haul missy!


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