Tuesday, 4 January 2011


First off, happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a good christmas and new year, whatever you did. I stayed at home and to be honest didn't do a whole lot but I've had a good break, and am not looking forward to being back at work!

So I'm going to show some pictures of my Christmas, this is going to be mostly about the gifts, and I'm probably a little late with showing my presents but I'm really grateful for everything I got and wanted to share some of it with everyone!

So here is our tree, it's only 5ft tall (so basically as tall as me!) and I really think we should get a bigger one but my mum insists it's fine :( Check out the cat looking moody! I love him :)

This was my christmas nails, left and right. I know my hands look digusting, I have a terrible habit of picking at my skin and hadn't cleaned up yet either, but I was so proud of these :3

And me, in a hat, at the dinner table. So happy!

I took quite a lot of photos of my presents so this post is maybe a little picture heavy or boring, for people who don't want to look at all the photos!

I didn't photograph all of it for various reasons - I haven't taken photos of any of my clothes because theyve all been put away/in the wash. I didn't bother with the chocolates/sweets as I'm sure you all got them and don't need to see more. There are also other bits that I just didn't gather up to take photos of, but I'm sure I have enough already to talk about.

So my parents got me this hairdryer and this mirror. I'd been needing a new hairdryer for a while, I'd been using an old Glitter Babes one for too long - too cool! I'm not sure about the mirror, it doesn't tilt so I have to position it in a specific place if I want to see myself, but I do like the light

I also got these books. This isn't actually all the books I got but I couldn't find some, and my mum's borrowing some. As you can see, there's a recurring theme - Lauren Conrad, Katie Price, and Karl Pilkington. My boyfriend got me all the LC LA Candy books, and I got another KP biography too.

This is just a single, unexplanatory photo, as I have a separate blog post planned and half drafted about this, but its the Soap & Glory box set that was £60 worth of stuff for £25, you've probably seen it on other blogs.

This is the nail polishes I got (with and without flash - couldn't decide which showed the colours better). I wrote a list of all the Barry M polishes I wanted and I think I did pretty well :D

This is some of the makeup I got, I included the Eyeko polish here as my boyfriend got me a set so I put it all together. One of my favourite makeup gifts was the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday lipstick from MAC, which I haven't got a photo of. I actually only really wanted this because it was Nicki Minaj (big fan!) but I do really like the colour now I've tried it. I'm wearing it in the photo above but I don't think you can really tell.

Extra little bits (again from my boyfriend - I was so spoilt!) were this owl hot water bottle - so cute! - and this DS game which I'm really liking, even though it can be pretty frustrating. I also got some bath bits, which I got bored and didn't photograph properly but there are loads of little bits which all look lovely.

And now for the big one!
I first unwrapped this box...

xmas 148

Which I opened to find this other box inside..

And inside was this!

Okay, that's a bit of a lie. Inside was another watch but I didn't love it, and due to the price I had promised I'd tell if I didn't. So on boxing day (the day we did our present swap) we went to House of Fraser and I chose the watch I did love, and I'm so so happy with it! I'm soooo grateful, my boyfriend knows how much I like Marc Jacobs and I had no idea I'd get anything like this. I know he'll read this, so thank you!!!

So that was a few of the bits I got, I'm so happy with all of them and I hope people liked my gifts just as much. I had a good Christmas in all, and am a little sad the break is now over :(

For everyone who still has time off, I hate you. (just kidding!) And for everyone who is going back tomorrow like me, I feel your pain.

Enjoy (or not)!

p.s. this was posted in a slight rush towards the end so I'll probably be editing it tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeously decorated tree! Love your Christmas nails and you got a good selection of nail polishes. The watch you chose is really, really nice. I really like that the numbers are letters instead! I am a lot sad that the break is over! Back to school on Wednesday and some nice exams to look forward to -_- x


  2. thanks for the comment jade, i've replied on your blog as i'm not sure you'll see this


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