Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Soap & Glory Pink Big

So for Christmas I was lucky enough to get one of the Soap & Glory Pink Big tote bag gift sets. Obviously this had nothing to do with me going on about it and how good the £60 reduced to £25 offer was!

I'd never actually used any Soap & Glory products before, although I'd already bought some for my mum for Christmas and was looking forward to 'borrowing' them - no need now! What I'll do is talk about each product individually and then do a little summary at the end.

The Breakfast Scrub Body Smoother

This is at the top because I'm in LOVE with the smell. It's gorgeous! The tub says it has the 'new great maple fragrance', but before I spotted that I saw the 'oat, shea butter & sugar body smoother' label and assumed the smell was the shea butter. Either way, it's lovely. I can really feel the scrubbing too, without it being painful. It also looks as though it's going to last for a long time, so thumbs up!

Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel

This was a little bit of a fuss to open (anyone else find this?), but once I worked it out, i found that it lathers up really well, a little goes a long way. This smells good but I'm not really sure what it smells of - just a nice clean smell! Once I was all dried off, my skin still felt soft, which is something I'd never really experienced before. When showing other people they agreed too - my skin feels lovely after using this!

Glad Hair Day Ultra-Shine Super-Shampoo

This does lather up really well, I used a small amount on whole head, and there was no residue afterwards. It also washed out really easy which is definitely saying something considering how terrible the water pressure in my shower is. For some reason I was surprised to see this was clear, I'm not sure what I expected really. The shampoo doesn't smell of much, faintly of raspberry (I'm assuming it's raspberry, as that's listed as an ingredient), but the smell doesn't bother me either way - if the product does it's job I don't care about the smell too much. This leaves my hair noticeably soft, which is something I've never really experienced before. I always go for shampoos that are designed for oily hair and they tend not to add shine/moisture, which hasn't really bothered me before - I've always sort of aimed for dry hair because I'm so paranoid about it being greasy! But with this, it's soft, smooth and shiny without being greasy, which is great!

Scrub Your Nose In It Face Scrub And Mask

My very first thoughts on this were 'it's blue!!'. Once I got over that, it seemed to work well, I could definitely feel the scrub, again without it feeling too hard on my face. My face feels smooth afterwards, although I've only used it a couple of times, and not particularly regularly, so I cant comment on what it's done for my blemishes. I clearly didn't pay enough attention to the tube as I only realised it was also a mask when I was on the S&G site. I've therefore only used this as a scrub so far, and am looking forward to using it as a mask!

The Righteous Butter Body Butter

This does soak in reasonably well but still feels a little sticky/greasy - not sure what the word is, I'm sure you all know what I mean! The tub does say though that this is 'very dry skin formula', which I don't have, so this is probably really good for others, but nothing amazing for me. This reminds me of the Body Shop body butters which I know most people love so I'm sure this would be a winner with most other people too!

Girligo Scented Body Moisturising Mist

My skin does feel really soft just after I spray this but I've only used it so far when I'm not long out of the shower, so I can't be 100% its not the other products that are doing this. Okay - I've just checked the bottle and it is intended for use after a shower. I do also think it looks like it runs out easily.

Super Colour Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in ‘Pink Apricot’

I like the colour of this, it's not too bright but is still a pretty shade. I'm not really a lipgloss person, I find it too sticky and I don't often want shiny lips, but I was intrigued by the idea of this. I used it a couple of times and at first my thoughts were that the tingling could be a bit uncomfortable. The smell is nice - I think it's chocolatey? - but could get a bit much if I had to smell it all day (I have removed it after marvelling at the tingling both times). The next time I tried it the tingling wasn't as intense and I managed to put up with it without removing, but I was constantly having to move hair from my face which I hated. I didn't really notice much of a plumping effect, which is strange considering how much I could feel it 'working'.

Flake Away Body Scrub

The tub of this actually says body polish which I like the sound of more. I prefer the breakfast scrub - mainly for the smell but I'm not sure what the difference is supposed to be. The tub of this makes a big thing of it getting rid of dry skin - but I don't have 'reptilian' legs so I'm not the best tester for this! It feels like a good scrub though, so I'll probably move on to this when I'm out of Breakfast Scrub.

Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream

This didn't sink in as quick as I would like but as with the body polish, I don't have dry skin, so this could be part of the reason. Because of this I don't really consider myself as someone who needs hand cream, but I'm sure it would be good for people who need a little extra moisture on their hands. This smells similar to Clean on Me.

Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes

These seemed to work fine but not really amazingly so - I didn't notice much of a difference from the Primark 2 packs for £1 that I usually use. The one difference is that they dp smell nice, but this isn't a pack of perfume so i wouldnt be buying for the smell, which means I probably won't repurchase.

Giant Super Sudsy Shower Puff

All I have to say about this is that it's huge! Unless I've always had small ones before? Photo shows the difference although it is picture next to one that's falling apart - so surely that means it should actually be smaller and tighter (if that's the word)?

Overall I love this set. The £25 price was a complete bargain and so worth it! I think the packaging is really nice, and I like to have all my shower bits matching, which these do :) There isn't a single product I dislike, I'm totally won over by the Soap & Glory brand.

Has anyone else got this/any of the products included? Any other S&G products you would recommend?


  1. You're very lucky - Soap & Glory is, without a doubt, one of my favourites in the skincare department! The body butter is unbelievably fantastic and it smells incredible too. I don't see any of S&G's facial exfoliator up there, but I recommend it x

  2. I love Soap and Glory, I used to buy the stuff all the time. The body butter, lip gloss, face scrub, conditioner amongst a few items but now I find I don't really buy it any more. Think I swapped over to Lush but the products are still great nevertheless and look lovely too. Have fun with all your stuff =)

    Hannah xx

  3. I LOVE the shower gel, I think it has a slightly orange smell. I use it every day x


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