Tuesday, 25 January 2011

i do love packages!

Today I came home for lunch to find a package with my name on it! I love when this happens, even if it's stuff I've ordered as presents for someone else. But today it was all for meeee :D


I won Meg's giveaway over at Made In A Cup, for a Model's Own nail polish of my choice! I was so excited when I read my email ^_^

I had chosen Emerald City, as I have no polish even similar to it, it's a turquoise (I wouldn't really call it emerald) glitter and it's just gorgeous. So much so that Meg actually ordered one for herself, which she posted about here.


I really love this. I know I've not applied it great and the photos are a bit pants seeing as they're in artificial light, but I've chosen three pictures that show the different colours it can look like. I'd say the 3rd picture is most colour accurate right now but earlier I would have said it was more like picture 1. I haven't actually seen it in daylight yet though, so we'll see.

So a huge thanks to Meg for this, it's amazing!


  1. I've got a pink glitter models own and I love it! I put loads of layers on and it looks fab. Great prize :)

  2. @Gem: I agree with the layers - takes a few but it's worth it :)

  3. Well done on your win :-) gorgeous prize x

  4. I'm looking for similar nail but in different colur:)

  5. thanks nicole!
    anies - models own have quite a few glitter nail polishes so you may find something from there :)


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