Thursday, 3 February 2011

bag of dreams

Ok the title may have been a tiny lie, it's not my bag of dreams (that title goes to a number of bags that I definitely can't afford!), but it does come close!

I've been wanting a proper handbag for ages. I've got quite a few of those little bags with the chain strap and then a few big weekend bags but nothing in between, but I'm so fussy with handbags that I just couldn't find anything I loved. I actually put this one back and carried on walking round the other shops but I think deep down I knew I was gonna buy this one straight away.

So anyway, here it is:

It has a little knot sort of thing on the front, I called it a bow at first but I guess it's not really, is it?

I reeeeally like it, it's from Dorothy Perkins (here) and was £28 which I thought was pretty good. The site calls it caramel which I think is pretty accurate, it's probably more colour accurate to my photos rather than the one on the site, but it's not as dark as my photos show. It holds basically everything I need it to, I haven't yet got to the stage where I have to hold stuff cause I have no room so that's good :) It sounds silly but I feel much more organised when I have it with me, even though I rarely get out most of the stuff that I've got in it!

So yes, I have finally found a bag I'm happy with, where I can leave all my stuff in it rather than packing a different bag every time I go out.
Happy bunny :)


  1. Ooooh i really like this, i'm desperate for a new handbag! Especially like the Nude tone, its not too pale or too dark! tres Chic :o) xx

  2. i love that bag. such a pretty shade :)

  3. I love bags, this one has got nice colour:)


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