Sunday, 20 February 2011

cooking time!

I won't do many cooking posts on here, but last night we cooked a really yummy meal and I took a few photos, so thought I'd post about it.

The recipe was taken from here, it's called Arroz Con Pollo, and is basically meat, rice, veg, and loads of spices.

There's a restaurant near me called Arbuckles (I'm not sure if they have other branches, I don't think they do) which does a dish called Gumbo. That was basically like this but with prawns and celery added, so we added that to ours.

We've cooked this a few times and it's always been really yummy, it's actually really good the next day too!

And here are the pictures (all taken on my phone, sorry!):

IMAG0025 (2)

I forgot to take one of the actual finished dish, in the bowl, but just trust me, it's awesome :D


  1. Ooooh that looks mega yummy, might have to try that one out! Awwww look at you 2 :o) xx

  2. This looks really nice :) maybe you should show us this on Saturday!


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