Tuesday, 22 February 2011

the dress

I'm sure you've all had it - that one piece of clothing that you see and straight away know you must own it. For me, it was this dress. Prepare for a long story about a dress.....

I saw it on a couple of bloggers, who mentioned they'd got it from Tesco. I searched every local Tesco (and some not so local!), and the website, and found nothing. This was over a month ago, so I gave up, assumed it had sold out and I'd pretty much forgotten about it. I did buy this dress to tide me over but it wasn't quite the same.

Then I found it, last weekend! The two sizes they had were 6 and 12, and whilst I'm definitely neither of those, I decided to try the 6. I was desperate for it to fit, mainly because I wanted it so badly but I did choose the 6 in the secret hope that I'd get a bit of a body-confidence boost while I was at it. Turns out I got what I hoped for, and it fit!

I'm so so happy that I found this, I really love it. I don't think it photographs as good as it could - it's slightly see through under my camera's flash, so I did need to wear a cami underneath - and it is almost scandalously short (I'm not sure if that's the dress or the size), but I LOVE it! I definitely prefer it to the new look one, which has a funny sean (is that the word?) in the middle which does nothing for my body shape. I also think the fact that the leopard is darker makes it more wearable, but I will still wear the other one too. In fact, searching 'peter pan' on the New Look website gave me a lot of results that I'd love to own.

Did anyone else see (/buy?) this dress in their Tesco?


  1. Ahh, love this dress! I've got it myself, it's one I always break out regularly! x

  2. meg, your post where you're wearing it was one of the ones that made me want it :D

  3. Oooh this is gorgeous! It looks soo good on you, i dont think peterpan collars suite me, have to much of a fat neck lol but it looks amazing on you though, you rock it :O)xx

  4. This isn't really my style but I have to say I like it! Maybe this means I should be slightly more adventurous in the clothes I buy? I dunno but this looks lovely on you lol



  5. awww I love Peter Pan collars! The dress is suuuuper cute (:

  6. thanks everyone :)
    sarai - i didn't think peter pan collars were my style/would suit me at all till i tried one on :) i say go for it!


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