Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I've been wanting to find a decent way to store my necklaces for a while. I've had a couple of those stands that are shaped like lady's bodies with hooks instead of a head (no idea what they're called!) but I've never found them to be any good. My necklaces are either too long so they go into a pile at the bottom, or they're too heavy and they make the stands fall over. But now I have a solution!

For Christmas I asked for this set of hooks and I got it :D I've waited until now to show it because it's only recently been screwed into the wall, but now it's there and it holds all my necklaces, although it is a bit cramped, as you can see:

I'm not sure whether I should buy another (although I'm not sure I have room for another) or look for some other form of storage, maybe for the ones I don't wear so much?

I thought I'd show my most worn necklaces in more detail. Most of them are more 'delicate' ones, since I tend to wear necklaces for days at a time, so I'd look a bit silly wearing the same 'statement' necklace all week.

necklaces 011

Hook 1: 'Love' - came from a 99p shop! It's actually not too bad considering that. They had quite a few different words and matching rings, but I lost my ring :(

Hook 2: Tree - Came from Scope (the charity shop), it was part of their own jewellery range rather than being second hand, it was probably only £1 or so. I've had this for years and it's looking a little worse for wear now but I still really love it, it's so different to anything I usually see.

Hook 3: 'Hottie' - I bought this as a joke, was £1 in the sale in New Look. I only ever wear it with the necklace next to it; sausage dog, hot dog, get it?! :D

Hook 4: Dotty Daschund - this was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, I dropped plenty of hints ^_^

Hook 5/6: True Love Locket - also a gift from my boyfriend, for our anniversary. The locket opens up too :3

Hook 7: Plop - birthday gift from a friend. I'm really into owls :)

Hook 8: Diamanté Panda - from Forever 21 in the US. Was something like $5. Really like this, can be an awkward length but I love it all the same (of course I would, it's an animal!)

Hook 9: Cutout Deer - also US Forever 21, probably same price. Need to find more things that look good with this! I think it works best with plain, darker things.

Hook 10: Fish - Forever 21 again, think this was $2.80. I think this is so awesome, the parts are all sort of detached so the fish wiggles :D

Hook 11: Love Pearls - from Primark, probably about £2. Haven't worn this as much recently but when I bought it I wore it all the time. This was actually in my first shopping haul.

Hook 12: Bow with pearl - Primark again, probably £1.50 ish. This is the easiest to wear as it's small and doesn't draw too much attention, so I find it's good to wear with busier clothes, as I always feel naked if I don't have some form of necklace on.

So that was all my necklaces, with detail on my most worn ones. I hope you liked, I'm thinking of doing one about my rings too, and possibly bracelets, what do you think?

What are your favourite necklaces to wear?


  1. Wow you have such a huge collection of necklaces, i'm slightly jealous! I would love a necklace holder as for the few i do have they are always getting tangled up lying about my dresser! i'm really into oversized statement necklaces at the moment xx :o)

  2. just wanted to apologise for writing the wrong name! :O
    i didn't even realise, i'm just so used to writing my own name haha

    hope you're enjoying your nail polish you won too! :) xxx

  3. Hey, just came across your blog and didn't know people could own so many necklaces haha I don't wear necklaces that much actually..I'm more of a ring person :)

    Please visit my blog and let me know what you think as it's still quite new and would appreciate the support!



  4. I want this collection!! x


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