Monday, 7 March 2011

glamour magazine & clinique

I'm sure most of you have seen posts everywhere about this, and I know I'm late, but I believe this promotion will run for the whole month so it's not too late!

For their 10th anniversary Glamour magazine have teamed up with Clinique to offer a range of 10 free gifts when you buy the April copy of the magazine. You can find a list of the products you can get here.

My local Tesco didn't have the products I wanted most, but I will be on the lookout if I go to any others. My store had lots of both the moisturisers, quite a few of both lipglosses, and a few mascaras and lipsticks. I got both moisturisers and the lipstick, as I've got enough mascaras and I don't really like the stickiness of lipglosses.

clinique 011
clinique 013

clinique 020

I like the lipstick, although I'm not 100% about it on my skintone, but I do like the colour. It's got a really pretty gold shimmer in it which hopefully you can see. I will say though that it didn't last very long at all on me - probably around 2 hours. I'm disappointed with the packaging too, it's not what the promo pictures showed it to be, and is nowhere near as nice!

I wouldn't say the moisturisers are anything amazing, maybe cause I don't have the right skin type to really benefit from them. I've found myself reaching for the gel one over the cream though, I just think it feels nicer.

I really want to try the facial products - specifially the scrub, wash and makeup remover. Anybody tried them? If so, what are your thoughts? Should I continue my hunt?

Did you get anything from this promotion? What do you think of it?


  1. Thank you for swatching the lipstick!! I have seen it on a few blogs but I wanted to see what it's actually like on! It was the product I wanted the most but I'm not so sure now! x

  2. OMG I did not know about this offer and this is the first i have heard about it! Picking one of them up tomorow! :o) xx

  3. jade - i would say for £2 its not bad at all, but i definitely wouldn't pay full price for it, i hear it's worth something like £15! no thanks!

    lizzie - glad to be of service :P

  4. I got the moisture surge moisturiser...and im obsessed with it.


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