Thursday, 10 March 2011

primark haul

I took part in my own Frugal February where the basic rules were that I wasn't going to go shopping or generally buy clothes/makeup/etc during the month. I stuck to it pretty well, bought a dress which someone later said they'd buy for me anyway and that was it.

So as soon as March came around I was dying to go to Primark. You may have picked up that I have pretty cheap taste, I'm a big fan of Primark and the majority of my clothes are from there. I've always found them to be pretty decent quality for me, so for the price I can't see why I'd shop in places like Topshop (although sometimes I wish I had the budget to!).

With the amount I managed to spend in Primark and the fact that I'm reeeeeeally wanting to buy my new car asap, I think I'm going to have a bit of a frugal March too! So many birthdays this month - 5 just off the top of my head! - so I've got lots of things that need money spending on them anyway!

I thought I'd do a haul post to show what I got. Some of this is on hangers rather than on me, generally because I just couldn't get it to look good on camera on me at the moment. But I'm sure you can get the idea. I'll also apologise now for any awful creases on anything, a few of these bits have been worn before taking these photos.

A lot of these items were bought with my holiday in mind - I'm off to sunny Spain in June - yay! Having only ever left England once on my trip to Washington, I've never really experienced the super hot weather I'm expecting in Spain, so my wardrobe was a little unprepared.

Aaaaaanyway....the photos! Sorry for rambling so much!

I got these two shirts, I really like all the shirts that I've seen on blogs at the moment and loved these two colours. One's two sizes bigger than the other but I think with this style of shirt that looks fine!

Sorry, this picture is awful! These trousers would not co-operate. I think these are called peg leg trousers? I'm not sure, and they're totally not my style but they were one of the things I set out looking for. Yes, this choice may be a little trend led but I'd never buy anything purely because it's 'trendy', I only buy stuff I also like! I also bought the belt in this picture too, although I know the bow doesn't really go. This actually came with a brown ropey type 'leather' belt but I couldn't find it at the time :(

This blue vest was a bit hard to photograph but it has a diagonal hem and is pretty sheer, with some sort of pattern to it.

Sundresses - I bought a blue polka dot version of this last year and really liked these two prints - horses were an obvious choice and I think the shape print (I don't know what to call it!) is really different and I think the colour will look good on me.

I love this skirt, I don't think it's photographed very well but the ribbon around the waist lets the top of the skirt sort of flare out, I think the style is called paperbag? I just think it's really pretty and not tight fitting so should be nice and cool in the summer.

I've got into the habit of having a handbag now (see this post) but some days I feel silly carrying a big bag around when all I'm ever going to need from it is my purse. Cue this smaller bag. Another neutral shade so hopefully won't clash with anything, I'm thinking this will be especially useful on holiday.


I really like the 'ropey' style bracelets I'm seeing a lot of at the moment. I actually saw some in the men's section as I was walking out, but alas, this one will do!


Animals, need I say more?

All my scarves are big woolly things so I was looking for a thinner scarf that would be more of an accessory but also keep me a little warmer. I love the pattern of this!

I think this belt is really cute, but I don't often wear waisted belts (which this is) so will have to find more ways to wear them!

I also bought a black faux leather jacket with a detachable shearling collar, which I know I'm a bit late to the party on but I love it and I really needed a black leather jacket. Haven't got any photos of it yet but I'm hoping to get some photos of the oufit I have planned for a party on Sunday where I intend to wear it, so hopefully you'll see it soon!

What do you think of my buys? Are you a Primark fan too? Sorry for such a wordy post!


  1. I LOVE the bow belt! I will definitely be looking out for that the next time I'm in Primark! I don't find the quality of Primark clothes poor either. There can be the odd loose thread but not so bad that the clothes are falling apart. The heart print skirt is so cute - it reminds me of a similar one in H&M but I'm guessing the Primark one is probably cheaper! I haven't been in Primark for a while so this post is like a bit of a window shop haha x

  2. Oooh I love some of those printed summer dresses! They look so cute and make me want it to be summer! Hmph wish I had a primark near by, you've picked up some very good bargains x x :o)


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