Thursday, 21 April 2011

elf - tone correcting concealer

I have a few products from elf, and a huge amount more on my wishlist. I've so far been pretty impressed with what I've got, I haven't found a perfect product and there have been a couple that have gone to the back of my make up drawer. But one that I've really liked is their Tone Correcting Concealer.

Unfortunately I don't have many pictures as you can clearly see my tube is empty and I need a new one, which I definitely will be getting! I know there is some product at the bottom of the tube but not no matter what I do I just can't get to it!

I got this in the shade Ivory. I get everything in the lightest shade there is, and sometimes even that is too dark for my ghostly skin! I thought this might be the same, but it's actually really light. The photo below was taken in artificial light but hopefully you can tell that the product is lighter than my hand.

Because of the lightness of it, I've found this perfect for under my eyes. I was usually using the Garnier Caffeine Roll-On, but in comparison to this it just looks so so orange! I definitely think the first half of the name of this is most accurate; I didn't have any sort of amazing success covering up blemishes but it was really good for under my eyes and on my cheeks before applying my foundation.

Overall I really like this product, as a tone corrector, it's good at evening out redness and dark circles and just generally making a nice base for foundation. And for £1.50 I think that makes this a really great product!

Have you tried this, or any other elf products? What do you think of them, and what would you recommend? I'm looking to place an order soon so recommendations are welcome!

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  1. I've never ordered anything from elf before but I keep hearing good things so I think I'll have to purchase some stuff soon! I bought the Garnier roll on a while ago and it's way too orange for me as well. Will definitely give this concealer a try, you can't really go wrong for only £1.50!


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