Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I have another nail post for you today! This look is really heavily inspired by spring and the lovely weather we've been getting, using pastel colours which I always go for more in the spring and summer time.

They're supposed to be flowers. I know they don't look too great but I really like the colours together! They looked a lot worse before I added the yellow dot.

These photos make the colours look a lot paler than they are, the lilac and mint colours have more of a contrast in person than the photos show.


The base colour is W7 in Spearmint, the 'petals' are Barry M Berry Ice Cream and the yellow dot (I forget what the name for that part of a flower is!) is Barry M Lemon Ice Cream.

Are you in the mood for Spring yet? I'd say the weather recently has definitely helped me!


  1. So pretty. Wish I could wear pastels, they always look weird on me :o(! this looks mega lovely on your long nails though xx :o)

  2. This is really cute, the lilac colour is so pretty!
    I'm definitely in the mood for spring, although with the hot weather this week it seems like we've skipped spring and gone straight to summer!


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