Monday, 2 May 2011

my weekend

Hi guys! Sorry I've not been posting much recently, I've just been so busy and am struggling to find things to blog about in the small amount of free time I do have. Sine part of the reason for my quietness has been my plans, I thought I'd do a quick blog about what I got up to over the bank holiday weekend!

I did watch the royal wedding, but not by choice. I have to say I didn't hate watching it, it was interesting to see but I don't have a huge sense of patriotism and completely lost interest around the time of the vows. If I'm honest I was more interested in watching my Twitter feed going crazy! Kate did look lovely though, the dress wasn't something I'd wear but she looked great in it :)

I drove up to Bristol with my boyfriend and a friend, to go visit other friends (thats a lot of the word 'friend'!). We did a lot of walking and chilling out and then on Sunday we visited Bristol Zoo. I'm a big fan of zoos and love watching the animals so it was a great trip for me :) I'm going to break this post up with a couple of pictures from the zoo since I don't have any other relevant photos!

During all the walking (Bristol is a big place!), my shoes started to really dig into my feet. They were getting tatty anyway so I decided to throw them in a bin and grab something cheap from Primark (not in that order!). The Primark in Bristol is huge and it just seems a lot nicer than most of the stores I've been to. Unfortunately I didn't get to have a proper look around as the others were waiting for me but I got a pair of flip flops so I could cushion my feet with the foam. I also spotted this vest top which I changed into because it was getting pretty hot. I love the colour and I know it's a bit of an autumn colour really but I just really liked it. I know the picture's crap but it has a longer back than front and has a pocket on the front too.

We also ate at an Indian restaurant called Thali, we went to the Clifton branch but there are 3 others in Bristol too. It was really gorgeous, the food was great and the atmosphere was lovely. I'd definitely recomment you try it out if you're in the area and like Indian food.

All in all I had a really good weekend, the weather was nice for the most part and I had fun :) Today I've just been relaxing, had a long shower and poured chocolate mint all over me which was delicious! I'm now sitting thinking about what to have for tea, and waiting for my boyfriend to come over so we can cook.

I hope you all had nice weekends, what did you get up to?

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  1. It was a brilliant weekend <3 xxx ;)


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