Tuesday, 28 June 2011

spain part 1

I know I've been missing a while even after being back, my flickr account has reached over 200 photos and I was trying to decide whether it's worth getting a pro account - I've decided for now it's not, but we'll see.

So anyway, I'm back from Spain! Well actually I was a week ago, but hi! I'm going to do a couple of posts to break my photos up so it's not a total photo post. I had an amazing time, the weather and the place in general was beautiful and I'm almost certain I'll go back there sometime.

This was the day we arrived so it's what I flew in. Not really very flattering but the trousers were good for going from freezing 3am British weather to gorgeous midday Spanish weather!

This was the first night. I'll be honest, I'm pretty much always cold (in England anyway) so I did get a little bit chilly some nights, which is where the cardigan came in. We had a lovely meal - my first paella! - and the restaurant had a gorgeous view of the sea.

Day 2 (I'll point out now I'm likely to get day numbers wrong, and I don't think I'm posting photos for every day!) we went to Valencia. It's a really beautiful city, we took a tour bus thing so we could see what's counted as the important sights. I'd like to go back and spend more time here as I feel there were so many things I didn't see.

Lazy day spent by the pool and on the beach. Natural collection - antique coral on my nails! I think this is a perfect summer holiday colour :) The top photo shows the view from our balcony :) You can just about see the sea in the background! We also had a 'residents only' pool in the middle of a group of villas including ours.

Date night. We actually went with two other couples (my boyfriend's parents and their friends) so this night we spent just us, and went for a Chinese meal - very Spanish! Was yummy though :) The photo on the left was taken outside the villa in the front garden area. Gorgeous isn't it?!

So that's the first few days! For those interested, the exact area we went to was Moraira, it's on the East coast of Spain. It's not a very big place but it is beautiful :)

Stay tuned for part 2!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Hi guys! I've been missing recently, I know it's everyone's excuse but I've been really busy!

I'm going on holiday to Spain on Friday (leaving at 1AM!) and have been preparing for that as I really like stuff being planned and I hate leaving stuff to the last minute. I'm almost packed, I feel like I don't have enough clothes but we're staying in a villa with a washing machine so hopefully I should be fine.

I just thought I'd update you with a few pictures taken from my phone, as I haven't worn, bought or done anything really interesting recently!





IMAG0092 (2)

1. Fruit with vanilla ice cream, yum! 2. Mummy duck with her babies :3
3. Rosie enjoying her radiator bed :) 4. Soppy candles from my boyfriend!
5. The shetland ponies we've befriended :D
6. The King's Lynn Primark changing rooms are so nice!
7. Nails from last week - Natural Collection Antique Coral & Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream

Tonight I went for my first ever spray tan so I don't look super white for the start of the holidays. Nervous and excited to see how it looks in the morning, eeek! I won't be around before I go away now but I'm going to try to get photos of my outfits (as well as everything else!) while I'm away so hopefully I'll have plenty to post when I get back :)

Are any of you going on holiday soon? I really hope the weather isn't as temperamental as it has been here!