Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Hi guys! I've been missing recently, I know it's everyone's excuse but I've been really busy!

I'm going on holiday to Spain on Friday (leaving at 1AM!) and have been preparing for that as I really like stuff being planned and I hate leaving stuff to the last minute. I'm almost packed, I feel like I don't have enough clothes but we're staying in a villa with a washing machine so hopefully I should be fine.

I just thought I'd update you with a few pictures taken from my phone, as I haven't worn, bought or done anything really interesting recently!





IMAG0092 (2)

1. Fruit with vanilla ice cream, yum! 2. Mummy duck with her babies :3
3. Rosie enjoying her radiator bed :) 4. Soppy candles from my boyfriend!
5. The shetland ponies we've befriended :D
6. The King's Lynn Primark changing rooms are so nice!
7. Nails from last week - Natural Collection Antique Coral & Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream

Tonight I went for my first ever spray tan so I don't look super white for the start of the holidays. Nervous and excited to see how it looks in the morning, eeek! I won't be around before I go away now but I'm going to try to get photos of my outfits (as well as everything else!) while I'm away so hopefully I'll have plenty to post when I get back :)

Are any of you going on holiday soon? I really hope the weather isn't as temperamental as it has been here!


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