Monday, 25 July 2011

weekend outfit

Okay, I admit it. I decided Flickr pro does matter in case I want to use my earlier photos in the future. Plus I'm only going to keep uploading photos so it's not like I'll one day not need it. It's my birthday on Thursday and I've put an account on my wishlist, so I'll either get one or buy one right after. So that's why I've not been posting, but today I have a quick weekend outfit to show you.

mouse shoes
Dress: Tesco
Belt: Primark
Shoes: Ebay

I don't really like these photos, they aren't very flattering, but we were out walking the dog and didn't have my camera with me or anything so these are just phone photos.

I love these shoes, I have them in grey too! My birthday wishlist includes a few pairs in different colours too :D I found them while desperately wanting a pair of the Marc Jacobs mouse flats, so these were kind of the next best thing. They have a really tiny wedge heel so that's nice. I'd love to be comfortable enough financially to own the real deal though!

So that was my quick outfit post! I won't be around for the next week or so as I have a really busy time what with the birthday and all, but you'll hopefully be seeing more of me soon!

Hope you've all been well :)

Monday, 11 July 2011

nyx haul

I was at my 'local' outlet village and noticed that the beauty store All Wellan Good had a ton of NYX makeup! I know NYX is popular in the US but I've never seen it in there before so I jumped at the chance and the prices were amazing!

Here's what I got:

This bronzer retails for around £15 but it was only £4 something! It's my first bronzing product so I'm glad I got it so cheap, and so far I'm really liking it. This is shade 2, which I'm guessing is medium (they had no 1's which I'd usually buy). I think the design of this is so awesome!

This blusher is in the shade Terracotta. I really liked the look of the cream blushers but they all seemed so bright when swatched. I'm not quite used to having pink cheeks yet so this is a nice colour without being too blusher-y if that makes sense! This cost around £2 I think.

This lipstick isn't as dark as it looks in this photo (see the swatches below). The shade is called Rea and it's a nice nude -not my perfect nude but it's a pretty colour. I can only really wear this with other face makeup though, otherwise it washes me out a bit.

nyx eyeshadow volcano
nyx eyeshadow red bean pie
These eyeshadows are in the shades Volcano (the bronze) and Red Bean Pie (the purple). They cost only £1.50 each, such a bargain! I really like these colours so far :)

nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencil bronze
This is a Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bronze. I'm not 100% sold on the shade yet, it's slightly orangey, but I do really like the product itself and would definitely look at other shades next time.

nyx kabuki brush
This kabuki brush cost me about £4. If I'm to believe the retail price on the website, that was a total bargain! I like it so far, I'm just getting used to how to use it as it's a lot denser than my current powder brush.

Swatch time! :)

Two photos with slightly different lighting so hopefully you can see the shades as their true colours.

nyx cosmetics
nyx makeup
Top: Jumbo Pencil in Bronze, the ship section of the bronzer.
Bottom: Lipstick in Rea, Blusher in Terracotta, Eyeshadows in Volcano and Red Bean Pie, darker section of the bronzer.

nyx lipstick rea
And the lipstick on my lips. As you can see it's a brown toned nude which I'll have to get used to but I am really liking it so far :)

So overall I'm really happy with what I got, I saved a lot of money and got some great bargains which is what I always try to do!

Have you bought/used any NYX products before? What did you think?

Monday, 4 July 2011

spain part 2

Hello again! Time for part 2 of my spain blog :)

On day 5 we went to Mundomar, a sealife/mini zoo in Benidorm.

I absolutely loved it! That sort of day out is exactly my thing :) As you can see, I swam with both sea lions and dolphins, and it was amazing :D Dolphins especially is one of those 'things to do before you die' and I'm so glad I did both. I have to say, sea lions are better kissers!

This photo was taken at a cliff in San Antonio, where the view was incredible. You could see so much of the coast and you could also walk over to the other side and see that way too. You might be able to tell, it was a bit windy up there!

Stylish sunglasses, right?! These photos were taken in a shop called Ale-Hop, which is a chain shop that reminded me a little of Evolution in the UK. I actually bought this dress because I was a bit cold one night, but ended up liking it a bit more than I thought I would which is always good :)

I think these photos were taken in Calpe although I'm not certain. We went to a lot of places in the Costa Blanca area so I struggle to remember which place was which! I met this cat and he was so friendly and even tried to follow me when I left :3 You can just see him behind the bike in the right hand picture. That picture wasn't set up by the way, my boyfriend was assigned the job of holiday photographer :)

This photo was taken outside a restaurant we went to that was super high up, the clouds were moving so fast it was as if something was on fire! I'm not 100% happy with this photo as I think my camera struggles a bit with non-daylight shots, I'm thinking about getting a new one.

These photos were taken in Guadalest, another place which is quite high up! There were lots of little shops around here and the views were awesome. The top picture shows the reservoir in the background which we went down to afterwards. I've never seen water such a beautiful colour!

This photo is from the fireworks display that we watched on our last night. We were there during fiesta week and the fireworks were part of the huge event on the last night of the week.

Me on our last day :( Yes it is the same top as the first day, the villa had a washing machine!

So that's a selection of my (2000!) photos from my holiday. I had a fantastic time and am wishing I could go back right away!

Are you going away this year. or have you already been?