Monday, 25 July 2011

weekend outfit

Okay, I admit it. I decided Flickr pro does matter in case I want to use my earlier photos in the future. Plus I'm only going to keep uploading photos so it's not like I'll one day not need it. It's my birthday on Thursday and I've put an account on my wishlist, so I'll either get one or buy one right after. So that's why I've not been posting, but today I have a quick weekend outfit to show you.

mouse shoes
Dress: Tesco
Belt: Primark
Shoes: Ebay

I don't really like these photos, they aren't very flattering, but we were out walking the dog and didn't have my camera with me or anything so these are just phone photos.

I love these shoes, I have them in grey too! My birthday wishlist includes a few pairs in different colours too :D I found them while desperately wanting a pair of the Marc Jacobs mouse flats, so these were kind of the next best thing. They have a really tiny wedge heel so that's nice. I'd love to be comfortable enough financially to own the real deal though!

So that was my quick outfit post! I won't be around for the next week or so as I have a really busy time what with the birthday and all, but you'll hopefully be seeing more of me soon!

Hope you've all been well :)

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