Monday, 22 August 2011

my first sleek pallette!

Ok, I ruined my 'hat trick'. As always, life got in the way, and I genuinely wasn't able to blog. But here is what I'd planned to post.

I've wanted a Sleek palette for a long time after seeing countless blog posts on all the different palettes available. I finally found a Superdrug which stocks Sleek which was awesome as I can't ever see myself buying makeup online without already knowing what it's like in person!

sleek storm palette

The one I bought was the Storm palette which I think is one of the more popular ones, and I can see why! I really really like this :) Since buying it, I haven't used any other eyeshadows!

This is the perfect palette for me as I'm not really one for bright colours on my eyes, and am only really getting into eye makeup. I think this was a brilliant product to help me do that.

blog 031

I love the packaging, it's very.... Sleek! But really, it feels sturdy yet still looks appealing, I think black is generally a winner when it comes to makeup packaging. If I'm honest I have only used the applicator that came with it for swatching, but if I didn't have brushes that I'm very happy with, I'm sure I'd find a use for the one they supply.

This is very much a neutral palette. Yes, there is colour in there, but they're all muted shades which are easily wearable and look great for day or night. There is also a mixture of shimmer and matte shades, although it is really a shimmer driven palette.

sleek storm palette swatch

Shades swatched in the order they sit in the palette. I'm a little annoyed with how these swatched. They are way more pigmented than the photo shows, or indeed than they looked on my arm. On my eyes they look so much better and I struggled to do the shades justice, the above was the best photo I could get. I definitely wouldn't say these were true to colour though, but thought it was better than nothing.

sleek storm palette look

Hopefully this photo shows that the colours aren't as disappointing as they may look on my arm. This look used the 2nd from left, bottom row (I wish this was one of the palettes where the shades have names!) all over the lid, with a little of the 4th from left, bottom row for definition. I then used the 2nd from left colour from the top row on my inner corner, which I think this shade is perfect for and which I've done on several looks using these shadows.

sleek storm palette wear

This photo is intended to show you how the shadows wear. This was my eyes at the end of the day, after wearing the shadows all day. Annoyingly I've forgotten which colours I used here but I'm sure it involved the top right colour, the burgundy/plum shade, and the same as above for the inner corner. As you can see, there is creasing and a little fading, but the colour is definitely still there. I don't use primer, so that would probably make a difference too.

Overall I really LOVE this palette and am so glad I bought it, it was the last one in the store I was in! I've definitely caught the Sleek bug now and want to try other palettes, as well as investigate the rest of their range, especially the blushes and lipsticks!

Do you own any Sleek products? What do you think of them?


  1. Oooooh I really want one of those bad boys. It looks soo good. :o) xx

  2. This must be one of the prettiest Sleek palette!

  3. lizzie - you should definitely get one! do they sell sleek in the peterborough superdrug do you know? i don't think i've seen it there! xx

    gaby - i definitely agree! the oh so special palette looks gorgeous too :)


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