Thursday, 1 September 2011

primark jewellery haul

The past few times I've been to Primark I haven't really got much on the clothes front. I have got a few pieces of jewellery though, which I thought I'd share with you :)




squirrel necklace

Of course, there are plenty of animals in there! I don't think any of these cost more than £2, maybe £3 at the most which is such a great bargain! I always find Primark jewellery to be such great value and I've never had problems with the quality - to be honest I think it can be better than more expensive high street brands!

EDITED LATER TO SAY: I went to put the little owl necklace on today and realised it wasn't from Primark at all! I've actually shown it in another blog post and it was a gift from Accessorize! Sorry!

owl ring

stag ring

I love these two rings! (I also really like how these photos turned out :D)
Again I'm sure these were no more than £3 each, and I think they're great pieces to make a statement with!

I also got some stag earrings to complete the set - I have stretched ears but one has almost closed up so I can just about sit an earring in it now :)

So, that was my mini jewellery haul! Hope you liked!

What do you guys think? Are you fans of Primark jewellery?


  1. I have the stag necklace from primark too i wear it all the time :) I'm always going to primark for jewellery I also have the stag earrings. I find primark jewellery very good quality And such great value.

  2. me too! never really had any problems with it :) i don't really buy jewellery from anywhere else!

  3. I love the stag necklace! I think Primark jewellery is great, it's pretty much the same quality as Topshop which can be £12+ for each item. Definitely better to get it in Primark where you can get more for your money!

  4. i totally agree gillian :D topshop isn't worth it in my opinion! x


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