Monday, 26 September 2011

sky nails

Hi everyone :)
Just a really simple nail look today!

sky nails

The idea behind this was the sky. I have 4 crackle effect polishes by Barry M but had so far only ever used the black one. I thought it was about time to use another, and as the white one is a neutral colour I thought that would be easiest to come up with a look for.

sky nails

I actually really like how this turned out. I've used this not-so-brilliant quality photo because I think it shows that if you look from afar or at a glance, the effect is really quite cool. I thought this was a really simple way of doing a form of nail art that still has an idea behind it, if that makes sense? It's so easy and doesn't require any skill and yet in my opinion is an eye catching design!

Out of the black and white crackle polishes I think I like the white one more, although I've only used it once so far. I also have the blue and pink to try out (pink is the one I'm most unsure about how to use - any ideas?), and I really like the look of the purple and gold ones too! I also want to try out the foil effects ones - clearly I'm a sucker for effects and Barry M!

So anyway, I've rambled quite a lot for such a simple look! What do you all think?


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