Monday, 5 September 2011

witch anti-blemish liquid concealer

I was really happy to win one of these from Zoe's giveaway! I'd seen a lot of talk about Witch on Twitter and blogs and so was keen to try it. I so far haven't seen any in stores and I'm not comfortable with buying makeup online unless I already know I like it.

witch concealer

I've had this for almost a week now which I know isn't long but in terms of performance I feel that I can tell pretty quickly whether I like it or not - and I do!

witch concealer

It comes in a pen-like tube and is one of those products where you twist the end to make the product come out into the brush part. I had to twist it quite a lot to get any out but to my understanding this is normal for that sort of product - this is the first one I've used myself.

witch concealer

As you can see in the picture above, I did get quite a lot come out all at once the first time, but I have since got used to how the product works and been able to get the right amount out each time.

witch concealer

I was sent the lightest shade (01 Light) which I am in pretty much all products, and while it may look a little light on my hand, it blends in perfectly once on my face. It's quite a thick consistency, I certainly wouldn't call it runny, and it's very easy to blend into the skin.

witch concealer results

I struggled to get a decent picture to show you (I decided against demonstrating on my blemishes!) but hopefully this shows the difference - the eye on the left has the concealer underneath, the right eye is left with nothing. Hopefully you can see that it has definitely brightened up my under eye area and helped to cover the red/purple discolouring around there. On my blemishes this works the same, it doesn't fully cover but with foundation and/or powder I can definitely notice the difference from when I don't use it.

The one thing I did notice that I'm not necessarily a fan of is the smell. I've never used any witch hazel products before but I'm assuming that's what the smell is. If it smells like that for a reason like that (instead of just being perfumed that way) then I can't complain really, although it does take some getting used to. I find that I can smell it for a very short time after applying but then it goes away.

Overall I'm a big fan of this concealer. Witch have informed me that this is available at Boots and retails for £6.99, which I think is very reasonable!

Have any of you guys tried this? What did you think?

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