Monday, 28 November 2011

life #2


I'm feeling a bit ill and rubbish at the moment, but I have a bit of free time where I can't concentrate on anything too taxing, so thought I'd show you a few pictures I've taken recently.

I saw Leanne from Do Not Refreeze post here with a similar type of post. She used an app for Android called mytubo which is pretty much the Android version of Instagram. I've tested out a few different apps like this but I find this is the best one, until Instagram is available for Android! So after seeing that post, I installed the app and have been loving the photos I've been getting. Here are a few:

1. Lunch - risotto and tiger bread & butter, yum! 2. Attempting to feel better by double dosing the Beechams - did not work :( 3 & 4. Cats :)

1. Another picture of my nails from this post. Still can't stop looking at them :) 2. Playing about with the settings in the pub 3 & 4. Went to London yesterday, we went to the London Dungeons and then walked over Tower Bridge. I've never done that side of the bridge before and it was so pretty to look at :)

So that's just a few pictures of my life recently! I think I'll be doing more of these, depending on what I take pictures of. A lot of them are just of my cats :D

(P.S. 2 of them look uneven and it's bugging me, it's because the border is either black or white depending on what effect you choose!)

I do have a mytubo profile here but I should warn you that my sister and boyfriend are enjoying the app too so some pictures that get uploaded, I'm not even aware of!

Hope you liked :)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

current nails

Hi everyone,

Just a quick 'I'm alive!' post really :) I may not be blogging as much as I'd like to but I am still really into painting my nails!

Rubbish webcam photo, bad lighting etc etc, but here are my nails of the moment:

This is Model's Own in Emerald City. I've posted about this once before (here) but I discovered that layering this over something makes it look so much better and thicker. This is actually only one coat of the glitter polish, on top of a nail polish I got in Spain by a brand called Yes Love in shade 405, which is actually suprisingly good quality for costing 99 cents! I can't find much about this brand online, but in the store I got them from they had tonnes of shades and I regret not getting more to be honest. I didn't really care what the quality was like because the colour is just so gorgeous. I'm talking way too much about a polish that you can't even see haha! But it's basically a non-glittery, shimmery and maybe a shade more blue version of the Emerald City.

I'm loving this colour! So gorgeous :)

Hope you liked!

Monday, 14 November 2011

superdrug hot cloth cleanser: review

Hello everyone! Today I have a review of the Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser for you. 
Before I get started, I'd like to apologise for 2 things: firstly the lighting in these photos, as I'm sure you can imagine, when I get home from work it's dark and therefore natural lighting isn't an option. Secondly, I didn't noticed until I got them onto the PC, but there is a line of blur on these photos. Don't worry, I've rubbed it off since! :) Anyway, on to the review!

cleanser 005

I saw a lot in the blogging world about this, with lots of comparisons to the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. (See here, here and here for three reviews that compare this to other cleansers.) I'd never used a cream cleanser before so thought this was a good place (and price!) to start.

cleanser 001

The cleanser comes in a squeezy tube which is good for hygiene purposes and also is a type of product that means I don't get it under my fingernails when scooping it out - bonus! I think a pump like the Liz Earle would have been better for getting out the last remnants of product, but for the price I won't complain. It smells gorgeous, sort of  like a cocoa butter smell, which is totally the sort of thing I go for.

cleanser 004

It comes with a muslin cloth which I find comes in very handy - I have found that this doesn't work so well if I just rub it on my face and then try to rinse it off with my hands. I could do with another but I believe most if not all of the hot cloth cleansers I have seen come with one, so I'm sure I will end up owning another soon.

cleanser 007

Sorry for the awful photo! I was trying to show that it's quite a thick cream consistency. For taking make up off I find this is brilliant. It works better than any other cleanser I've tried before and WAY better than the face wipes I use when I'm being lazy. It doesn't irritate my eyes or anything like that and I don't feel the need to re-cleanse - rubbing it in and then wiping it off with the muslin cloth gets my skin nice and clean.

In terms of helping my skin, I honestly can't tell. I have owned this for over two months and my skin has been up and down so I don't think I could put anything down to this cleanser. However, I haven't had any particularly horrible breakouts so at the least I can say that it isn't doing anything too bad.

What does worry me slightly is that this does say it is intended for normal/dry skin - I have very oily skin and so clearly I'm not the intended user of this. That being said, I don't think it has made me any more oily, but at the same time it doesn't make me any less oily - not that I expected it to, but it would have been a lovely bonus!

Like I said, I've had this for over 2 months, and obviously I can't tell for sure, but I'd say I have maybe 1/4 of the tube left. A full tube is 200ml so that's lasted me quite a long time :) Depending on when I run out, I will probably buy another. If this lasts me until Christmas it may be different, as I have a couple of other cleansers on my wishlist that I'd like to try. But if I run out before then, or I don't get one for Christmas, I expect to be buying another tube of this.

You can buy this cleanser here or in Superdrug stores. The price has definitely gone up since I bought it, I think Superdrug have picked up on it's popularity! I think £6 is still a reasonable price though.

Have any of you guys tried this? What did you think? Let me know if you have any questions!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

cake time!

Hi everyone! 

Bit of a different post today. It was my boyfriend's birthday on Tuesday and (amongst other things) I baked his birthday cake.

I saw Jennie's post here back in September and actually commented at the time saying I would be making it, and I did :)

I'm only going to post the interesting pictures, not of the mixing etc - for one I think Jennie's post shows it all, but also this isn't a recipe post. All of that credit goes to Jennie, I'm just showing you how mine turned out (which if I do say so myself, is pretty awesome!) 

So, on with the photos! I took every photo with and without flash but decided flash made the colour slook so much more bright and exciting - not that they weren't anyway!)

All the coloured cake mix ready to be used. This part was so fun, watching the mix getting brighter and brighter :)

The cakes ready to go into the oven

The (almost) finished cake

The inside :D I'm so impressed with how it came out, it's better than I was expecting! I was planning to make him cookies anyway, so I put two over the mouth.

Instagrammed up :)

I intended to basically copy how Jennie's looked, but the colour gave me inspiration. A quick Google search gave me the basic idea for what I was going to do (the second picture mainly).

Like I said, I haven't included photos of the full process, Jennie's post covers all of that - and while you're there, check out her blog if you haven't already, I love it :)

For anyone wondering, this is the gel colouring set I bought.

So, what do you guys think? I'm so proud :D