Monday, 28 November 2011

life #2


I'm feeling a bit ill and rubbish at the moment, but I have a bit of free time where I can't concentrate on anything too taxing, so thought I'd show you a few pictures I've taken recently.

I saw Leanne from Do Not Refreeze post here with a similar type of post. She used an app for Android called mytubo which is pretty much the Android version of Instagram. I've tested out a few different apps like this but I find this is the best one, until Instagram is available for Android! So after seeing that post, I installed the app and have been loving the photos I've been getting. Here are a few:

1. Lunch - risotto and tiger bread & butter, yum! 2. Attempting to feel better by double dosing the Beechams - did not work :( 3 & 4. Cats :)

1. Another picture of my nails from this post. Still can't stop looking at them :) 2. Playing about with the settings in the pub 3 & 4. Went to London yesterday, we went to the London Dungeons and then walked over Tower Bridge. I've never done that side of the bridge before and it was so pretty to look at :)

So that's just a few pictures of my life recently! I think I'll be doing more of these, depending on what I take pictures of. A lot of them are just of my cats :D

(P.S. 2 of them look uneven and it's bugging me, it's because the border is either black or white depending on what effect you choose!)

I do have a mytubo profile here but I should warn you that my sister and boyfriend are enjoying the app too so some pictures that get uploaded, I'm not even aware of!

Hope you liked :)


  1. Hope you feel better soon hun, was great to see you guys and have a catch up at last xx :o)

  2. thanks guys :) was good to see you too lizzie! xx

  3. Nice pictures! Is Gibby holding some nail polish with his tail?

  4. ha no there's just a makeup brush next to him :)

  5. Ah hope you feel better soon, winter is the worst for constant colds :( Cute cats :) x

  6. Laura!!! Next time stop and say hello - even if we are in the middle of Winter Wonderland being squashed. :)

    Take it easy and get better. I finally had to take some anitbiotics, but now I am 100% better. X


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