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superdrug hot cloth cleanser: review

Hello everyone! Today I have a review of the Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser for you. 
Before I get started, I'd like to apologise for 2 things: firstly the lighting in these photos, as I'm sure you can imagine, when I get home from work it's dark and therefore natural lighting isn't an option. Secondly, I didn't noticed until I got them onto the PC, but there is a line of blur on these photos. Don't worry, I've rubbed it off since! :) Anyway, on to the review!

cleanser 005

I saw a lot in the blogging world about this, with lots of comparisons to the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. (See here, here and here for three reviews that compare this to other cleansers.) I'd never used a cream cleanser before so thought this was a good place (and price!) to start.

cleanser 001

The cleanser comes in a squeezy tube which is good for hygiene purposes and also is a type of product that means I don't get it under my fingernails when scooping it out - bonus! I think a pump like the Liz Earle would have been better for getting out the last remnants of product, but for the price I won't complain. It smells gorgeous, sort of  like a cocoa butter smell, which is totally the sort of thing I go for.

cleanser 004

It comes with a muslin cloth which I find comes in very handy - I have found that this doesn't work so well if I just rub it on my face and then try to rinse it off with my hands. I could do with another but I believe most if not all of the hot cloth cleansers I have seen come with one, so I'm sure I will end up owning another soon.

cleanser 007

Sorry for the awful photo! I was trying to show that it's quite a thick cream consistency. For taking make up off I find this is brilliant. It works better than any other cleanser I've tried before and WAY better than the face wipes I use when I'm being lazy. It doesn't irritate my eyes or anything like that and I don't feel the need to re-cleanse - rubbing it in and then wiping it off with the muslin cloth gets my skin nice and clean.

In terms of helping my skin, I honestly can't tell. I have owned this for over two months and my skin has been up and down so I don't think I could put anything down to this cleanser. However, I haven't had any particularly horrible breakouts so at the least I can say that it isn't doing anything too bad.

What does worry me slightly is that this does say it is intended for normal/dry skin - I have very oily skin and so clearly I'm not the intended user of this. That being said, I don't think it has made me any more oily, but at the same time it doesn't make me any less oily - not that I expected it to, but it would have been a lovely bonus!

Like I said, I've had this for over 2 months, and obviously I can't tell for sure, but I'd say I have maybe 1/4 of the tube left. A full tube is 200ml so that's lasted me quite a long time :) Depending on when I run out, I will probably buy another. If this lasts me until Christmas it may be different, as I have a couple of other cleansers on my wishlist that I'd like to try. But if I run out before then, or I don't get one for Christmas, I expect to be buying another tube of this.

You can buy this cleanser here or in Superdrug stores. The price has definitely gone up since I bought it, I think Superdrug have picked up on it's popularity! I think £6 is still a reasonable price though.

Have any of you guys tried this? What did you think? Let me know if you have any questions!

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