Thursday, 22 December 2011

saturday night

Hello again!

So I failed at getting photos of the red dress from my last post like I said I would! However I'm planning to wear it again over the weekend so we'll see if I manage this time!

Today I have an outfit from last weekend. My boyfriend and I went away for the weekend and went out for a bit of a date :) This is what I wore:

Dress: AX Paris - last summer so no longer on website
Blazer - H&M 
Scarf/Wedges - Peacocks
Lips: NYX Fire

It was cold so I did have to cover up with my scarf, and I also added a coat afterwards. I know I'm committing a bit of a crime by wearing navy with black but I think it looks okay! I know my shoes blend in with the carpet so here's a better picture:


These are really comfortable and I wore the beige pair on a night out and lasted the whole night with them on - result!


Terrible quality and ruined by flash photo of my make-up. This is the first time I've ever worn red lipstick and I really like it! On my eyes I'm not actually sure what I'm wearing but I think it's the Rimmel mousse which I reviewed here, with an MUA shadow in the crease and outer corner. I also did a little flick on my eyeliner which I don't usually do. This photo doesn't really do it justice but I really liked my make-up :)


Bonus photo with the pretty tree :)

I do have at least 2 posts lined up but I know I won't get round to posting them before Christmas so I just wanted to say that I hope you all have a wonderful festive season, whatever you're celebrating. This time last year I posted a thank you to my 12 followers, I can now thank 45 of you! To most bloggers that's probably nothing but it makes me so happy!

See you soon!

Friday, 9 December 2011

peacocks haul

Hi everyone :)

As I said yesterday, I had a bit of a spree in Peacocks with a 40% off voucher. I thought I'd show a few things I got:

Firstly was the cardigan and socks from my last post. Add those to two of the things in this post and you'll probably notice a bit of a pattern. I really love this design for winter, it makes me feel so cosy and festive :)


This sort-of-poncho - the website calls it an edge-to-edge cardigan so maybe that's the official term! - didn't photograph very well so take a look at it on the Peacocks site too. It's really lovely and warm :)


Same pattern again! This scarf came with matching mittens and earmuffs but I was sensible and just settled for the scarf :) This shopping trip for me was definitely about getting some winter warmers!


I already have these shoes in the 'natural' colour and have worn them loads since I got them so thought the black pair would come in handy. These seem to be sort of padded on the inside, they're so comfortable for walking around in!


I couldn't resist both colours of these wedges! They don't seem to be on the website so I can't link to them but I believe without my discount they were £20. I love wedges as they're so much more comfortable and easier to  walk in than normal heels, but still look great :) I intend to wear one of these pairs tonight actually so you may see a post including them!


Sorry for the major flash! This dress was on the website when I last looked but seems to be gone now :( It came with a belt that wasn't actually too bad, it's just not on the dress because it's been washed. I liked this as it's a jersey type of material that means it isn't too formal for the day, but it's also nice for an evening - I'm planning to wear this tonight with one of the pairs of shoes above. This looks much better on that it does on the hanger, I'll try to get a photo!

As well as all this I got my Secret Santa at work a present, and some more tights as you can never have enough! I also bought a plain black skater dress that's the same style as the dress from this post. I now have three of these, they're so easy to wear and don't look too dressy for the day :) Productive shopping trip I think!

Hope you liked!

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Hey everyone!

Quick outfit post today. It's nothing interesting and it's main purpose is to show you my new cardigan :) I have time off work until next Tuesday and so I can actually take photos in daylight, which is why I'm posting this outfit even though it's not very exciting, but if I showed you anything else, it wouldn't be what I'm actually wearing today :)

outfit 006outfit

Cardigan/Socks: Peacocks
Top: H&M
Leggings: F&F
Necklace: Elsie Belle


I love this cardigan, it's so warm and cosy :D I had a friends & family 40% off voucher at Peacocks so I spent rather a large amount and you should see the other things I bought in future posts - not sure whether they'll be outfits or a haul yet.


Got my good old sausage dog on :) I love him!


I have NYX Volcano all over my lids and Sephora Innocent Beige on my lips - simple as I'm not doing much, but I like to make an effort when I'm not at work :)

Hope you liked!