Thursday, 19 January 2012

life #3

Hi everyone :)

I do have a few posts planned but I just need to find the time to get them up! I thought after the festive period things would quieten down a little but nope, not yet!

So again I have a little life post with photos from mytubo (instagram for Android pretty much) over the past few weeks. mytubo recently added the feature to have full size photos rather than the original square, so the sizes of these images are a little all over the place. Anyway!

1. Snuggly socks that you've seen before :) 2. Of course, a cat photo :D 3. Baking another rainbow cake 4. Back at work. Depressing. 5. These taste amazing! 6-8. It was recently my 2 years with my boyfriend so he made me dinner and bought me flowers :)

What have you guys been up to? Hope you're all well!


  1. Really like your blog!
    Would you mind following each other on bloglovin? :)

    Malin @

    1. thanks :) i don't actually use bloglovin to read blogs, but i'll take a look at yours!

  2. I need to get myself some of those socks. And a cat :)

  3. like your socks, love the print :)

    1. thanks, i'm loving that sort of print at the moment :)


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