Wednesday, 29 February 2012

small primark haul

Hi everyone!

I have a small Primark haul for you. Nothing too big but I have noticed that I get the most views on these sort of posts so clearly they're sort of popular :)

I was in Nottingham over the weekend and I love their Primark! It's so good and I saw so much more stuff that I wanted but I held back as I'm trying not to spend much at the moment. So, here's what I bought!

primark dress

The main thing I was looking for was a dress to wear to a wedding I'm going to in the summer. This dress also comes in white and I'm thinking about getting that one too as I do really like it and white is much more summery than black. I love the black though, hopefully you can sort of tell this is a chiffon-y type material and is nipped in a little at the waist. This was £13.

primark bagprimark bag

I got these bags mainly for nights out as I use a larger handbag in the day. I got both colours as I thought black and cream were the two colours that would go with pretty much any outfit. These were £6.

primark belt

This is a waisted style belt and I just think it's so cute! As you can see it was only £2 and I think the colours mean it will be easy to wear.

primark fake tan

I got a few others things that I'm not going to post about and this was going to be one of them. I bought this fake tan purely because it was reduced to 50p. The reason I'm posting is mainly so I can say that this smells gorgeous! It reminds me of pina colada and definitely doesn't smell like any other fake tans I own. I tried is briefly on one arm and the colour seemed nice, not orange at all. This is a gel sort of consistency which I've never tried before but I think I like it :)

So that's everything, hope you liked!

Have you bought anything from Primark recently? If you've done a haul I'd love to see it!

Monday, 27 February 2012

my everyday makeup

Hi everyone! 

everyday makeup

Today I'm going to post about the make-up I wear on an every day basis. I apologise about the lighting and how it differs in these pictures, I've been trying to wait for better lighting but I'd be waiting until summer!

everyday foundation

I use one of these two foundations. I always use the Revlon if it's a week day but alternate at the weekends, usually the NYX. I did a review of the NYX foundation here if you'd like to check it out! I also really like the Revlon Colorstay, I need great coverage which this gives, and also because I have oily skin I don't want anything that adds any sort of shine to my face, which this doesn't. I won't do a full review here as it's not that sort of post but am considering posting more about this foundation. The foundation brush I use is a MAC 189 but I am really interested in trying the 'buffing' style brushes.


I use the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer which I think is great! It's got brilliant concealer to touch up the places that the foundation doesn't quite cover. The only thing I would say if I had to is that it does seem to sink into lines under my eyes, but overall I'm a huge fan of this concealer and have repurchased it multiple times.


I am currently using a MAC blusher in Mocha for every day (at the weekends it varies). It's a fairly standard matte pink blusher which lasts forever! I do like this but I have to say that when it runs out I don't think I'll be repurchasing, I'll probably try something else, as I think it's slightly darker than the sort of blusher I'd normally go for. This photo makes it look a lot lighter than it is and more peachy, if it actually looked like this I would love it a lot more! I apply this with a double ended brush I got from Sephora.


To set everything (and also tone the blusher down a little) I use Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in Ivory. This is a perfect colour for me, mattifies everything and is also something I've repurchased many times. So cheap too! I apply this with my NYX Kabuki brush.


For eyeliner I use the Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip liner which I have repurchased many times too. I find it dries a little quicker than I'd like and may look at other liners but aside from that it does everything I want it to so I don't mind the drying too much.


I very rarely wear mascara in the week but if I do it's either Diorshow or Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care, and I never wear eyeshadow in the week. 

You can see most of these products (and others) in use in this post.

So thats everything I wear on my face on a daily basis! I change it up at the weekends but the base products are usually the same - they do the job just fine for me :)

Hope you liked!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

graduated glitter nails

Hi everyone!

Another nail post for you today, it's been a while! I was inspired to do this by Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter (see her post here and video here) and I am sure I'm not the only one!

I've always been a fan of the contrasting accent nail so did that, and I couldn't decide which colour would be my main colour, so I did both!

graduated glitter nailsgraduated glitter nails

Polishes used are Berry Ice Cream from Barry M, unknown from Yes Love (seen here) and a silver glitter from Forever 21 (US).

I think I prefer the lilac as the main colour but I'm not sure if that's because I think I may be falling out of love with my long nails, but I don't think I can bring myself to chop them off - they took so long to grow!

mermaid nails

Also here's a bonus (terrible) picture of the results of a couple of nights earlier when I tried graduated glitter, failed, tried a sort of graduated colour, and sort of failed at that too. I do like it, it makes me think of mermaids and pretty sea things, but it just isn't very tidy and blended, so didn't last long.

Hope you liked! Have you tried the graduated glitter look? Show me how it turned out, I'd love some inspiration!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

mouse ring

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post from me today!

mouse ring
Silver Mouse Ring - £3 Jimmy and his Girl

For valentines day from my boyfriend I received the cutest ring. I sent him the link to it on ASOS here after seeing it on Michelle's blog daisybutter here. I love it so much and haven't taken it off since I got it! It made my finger the tiniest bit green which I expected but for the price it could have been much worse, it's not noticeable at all. I love this ring, its such great value, and I'm very interested in other rings from the seller now.

Hope you liked!

Monday, 20 February 2012

life #4

Hi everyone!

I've got plenty of time to blog this evening but I have no photos to use and terrible lighting :( So I thought I'd do another of my life posts instead!

I've been getting graze boxes for well over a year now and this is a new mix which is gorgeous! In case you can't tell, it's based on after eights, and is so yummy :)

Snow :)

Yummy lemon tart, it was awesome!

Completed Lego Harry Potter :)

Making a smoothie :) - My boyfriend went to Israel for work recently and brought me back Arabic coke :D

Valentines meal at Pizza Express :)

Not very interesting I know but I'm going to post this and then get a few posts drafted up ready for when I can get photos

Hopefully see you soon!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

soap and glory - big splendour

Hi everyone!

This post is another one that's long overdue but again I think it gives me chance to have used the products and have more of an opinion on them.

For Christmas my boyfriend got me the Soap & Glory Big Splendour set. Boots do a great deal on these every year (see here for last year's post), everything you see below cost only £25 which is an amazing deal, I believe the products are worth something like £60! Onto the contents:

soap and glory 011

soap and glory 013

soap and glory 014

soap and glory 018

I like the packaging of the set much more this year, I think it's more practical as I could definitely see myself using this for travel purposes. I also really love the touch of the red ribbon :)

soap and glory 030
Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel (my thoughts last year)
I'll start with what I think is my favourite ever Soap & Glory product. See last years post for my thoughts on this but I will just say I love this! I got a separate 500ml bottle as well for Christmas so I have a whole litre which I know will last me a while :D I was very glad to see this in the set!

soap and glory 032
Pulp Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub
This is probably my second favourite product. I'm not always a fan of body scrubs as I hate any residue being left being giving my legs a greasy film. This doesn't leave that at all and is so different from any other scrub I've used, and is also the best. As the name would suggest, it foams up while still scrubbing the skin and leaves my legs feeling lovely and soft, but doesn't leave a trace behind. Amazing!

soap and glory 028
Hand Food (my thoughts last year)
I haven't actually used up last year's tube of this but now I have one in my bedroom and one in my handbag. I do like this but I'm not a great fan of hand creams as I don't really like the feeling on my hands. However this does smell gorgeous and is one of the better hand creams I've used.

soap and glory 026
Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths (my thoughts last year)
As with last year, these to me are just face wipes and I've never been able to tell much different which is why I opt for cheaper brands. However I like to have these when they come in the sets and do enjoy using them, I just don't see enough benefits to pay £4.50 for a pack.

soap and glory 024
The Righteous Butter Body Butter (my thoughts last year)
I still feel the same about this product to be honest. It smells great and is on the better end of the spectrum of body butters I've used, but I just don't think I have the type of skin that needs anything too moisturising. I haven't used up the last tub of this yet but I'm sure I will eventually - it's definitely not a product I won't use, it just takes me a long time as I'm not a regular moisturiser.

soap and glory 031
Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath
I haven't actually used this yet as I'm not really one for baths. However I intend to try this as a shower gel after I use up Clean on Me as I'm sure they both do similar things. It has the same smell that I love though so I'm sure I won't have anything bad to say about this!

soap and glory 029
Heel Genius Foot Cream
So far I've used this once as an intensive moisturiser overnight with socks on. It did make my feet soft but I have to say I don't like the smell. It reminds me of a gel type moisturiser I used to own from Avon, it just smells strange to me. I thought this would be pretty much the same as Hand Food but it isn't.

soap and glory 034
Face Soap and Clarity Facial Wash
Before typing this I just went to smell it and it actually smells sort of like Heel Genius. However I think the scent is more suited to a face wash anyway. I like this but I just have other cleansers I'm using more at the moment. I'm looking forward to using this when I get through my current cleanser though!

soap and glory 033
Mist You Madly Body Spray
At first I thought this was supposed to be like Girligo but it's not meant for moisturising, it's just a body spray. I don't love the scent, but it is nice. However if it smelt like their signature scent it would be amazing as I believe that smells like Miss Dior Cherie, but it's obviously a fraction of the price!

soap and glory 036
Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss in Candy Gloss
I'll be honest - I don't like lipgloss. I hate the stickiness of them and this is no different. That being said I do like the colour and smell of this, and the way it feels on the lips is a fun novelty. I've worn it once or twice and will continue to do so occasionally, but on days when there is no wind or I'm not going outside - the feeling of hair stuck to my lips just isn't worth it!

Overall, although I haven't raved about every product, I love these sets as a whole. I love the value of them and that it lets me try products that I wouldn't buy at full price and would therefore never know if I like them or not. Both sets so far have had one standout product for me (Clean On Me last year, Pulp Friction this year) as well as a number of products that I really enjoy using. I'm not unhappy to own any of these by any means and I will use them all up, which obviously means nothing is that bad. 

I think these are great gifts and if Soap & Glory do another one next Christmas I will definitely be asking for it!

This set is no longer available but you can buy Soap & Glory from Boots here.

Did you get this set for Christmas? What did you think?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

saturday fotn

Hi everyone :)

Just a quick post from me this evening, I didn't even take these photos planning to post them but thought I would anyway!

I went out on Saturday night and here's how my face looked:

fotn 001fotn 002

Products used:

NYX Foundation (review here)
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair
MUA Blusher - Shade 1 (seen here)
NYX Bronzer - Shade 2 (seen here)
Collection 2000 Pressed Powder - Ivory
Dark Brown from Sleek Storm Palette on my eyebrows (review of the palette here)
Rimmel Colour Mousse - Glitz (review here)
NYX Eyeshadow - Asphalt (seen here)
Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip Liner - Black
Collection 2000 Luscious Lashes - Glam Volume
NYX Lipstick - Fire (seen here)
MUA Eyeshadow - Shade 1 (used as highlighter)
Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care Mascara - Black

Wow, seems a lot written down!

These eyelashes came free when I spent a certain amount on Collection 2000 products. I use the three products listed above on a daily basis so it made sense to stock up for the sake of a free product :) This is my first ever pair of false eyelashes and only my second time wearing them. They definitely don't look perfect but for a beginner I don't think they're too bad. I really like them :) I recently ordered some lashes from eBay for 99p for 10 pairs (here) which arrived yesterday and I love those too, and with the amount I bought I have plenty to practice with :)

Nothing too extravagant but the lipstick makes it more night-friendly!

Hope you liked :)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

nyx foundation review

Hello again!

I started to include this review in this post but while typing it I realised I have quite a lot to say about it and so have given it it's own post. I have personally never seen a review of this (although they do exist) and hadn't even heard of it until I saw it, so I thought it might be helpful to add my thoughts to the pile!

nyx foundation

The product in question is 'The Make-up' Foundation by NYX. I paid £5.95 for this at an outlet store but on the official NYX website (here) it costs £9 which I would still pay.

While I was in the shop I did actually pick up a backup bottle of Revlon Colourstay which I'd been using previously (and still alternate back and forth from), but when I got to the NYX section I noticed they had foundation which wasn't there the last time I went. 

I really do struggle to find foundation that is pale enough while still fitting all my other requirements in a foundation - MAC NC15 is even too dark for me. So I noticed that the lightest shade they stocked - LM 08 Natural Beige (although looking at the website it looks like they go much lighter which is really great as I find most 'drugstore' foundations in the lightest shade are far far too dark)- looked very similar to the Revlon Colourstay in Ivory which also matches my skin. Because I struggle so much I had a quick read of the packaging but pretty much knew I would be trying this just because it would match my face!

I am definitely glad I picked this up. First off it does match my skin tone like I had hoped and I know I've gone on about this a little but I have seriously spent money on SO many foundation that I just can't use without my face looking strange, so it feels like such an achievement to find one that is pale enough! The bottle describes it as 'Natural & Long Lasting' which I think I do agree with, however I think for me I always associate 'natural' with meaning quite sheer and not looking like you have makeup on. This is certainly not sheer (I need as full coverage as I can get so I wouldn't like this if it was!) and at times it is definitely obvious that I have make-up on but because of the coverage I want I have come to accept that that's usually going to be the case.

nyx foundation

I think I actually prefer this to the Colourstay, I currently use Colourstay during the week and this on the weekends or for any more important occasions if they're in the week. I find this is easier to apply and doesn't dry as fast. I have applied this with both my fingers and a brush and both work really well, I think it applies slightly better with my fingers but I have a feeling that when I do that, I compromise on coverage a little. Either way it is smooth and easy to blend, and dries to a slightly matte finish which I absolutely love. I always use a setting powder with this and with that it stays all day; I apply my make-up around 8am and take it off somewhere between 8 and 11pm.

I would also like to say how happy I am with the packaging. Firstly I like that the bottle shows you how much you have left which is a huge plus as I will know when I need to think about repurchasing. I also love that it has a pump, something I hate about Colourstay and I feel I waste a lot of product with foundations that don't have a pump. I like that the design is simple and yet still pretty (you can see the full design in the first picture on this post), the bottle doesn't seem cluttered, and yet most questions you would usually have are answered on it.

Overall I just really like this foundation and am so happy I found it! As mentioned, although I got this at a discounted price, I think the full price is reasonable and in line with a lot of other foundations on the market. You get 30ml which I believe is pretty standard, but it's handy to know because it doesn't actually say on the bottle.

Sorry for the lack of photos, these were taken when I thought this would just be a quick few sentences in my haul post.

I hope you enjoyed this, I hope it wasn't too long, but I have a lot to say about this foundation! Have any of you tried it? If so, do you like it too?

Saturday, 4 February 2012

nyx haul

Hey everyone!

I'm back with a haul today. This post is actually way overdue, by almost 2 months, oops! But I kind of see it as a good thing as now I can talk a little more about the products than just 'look what I bought'. However, whilst writing this I have realised I have quite a lot to say about the foundation so I'm going to put that into it's own post. 

nyx cosmetics

nyx foundation
NYX Liquid Make-up £5.95 RRP £9

I have just started writing my third paragraph about this so I think it makes sense to give it it's own post. So look out for that coming soon, for now I will say that it's great for pale girls!

nyx eyeshadows
nyx eyeshadow asphalt walnut bronze
NYX Single Eyeshadows in Walnut Bronze (left on the first picture, bottom on the second) and Asphalt (right on the first picture, top on the second) - £2.95 for both RRP £4.50 each

If you've read my blog before you have probably noticed that I pretty much always go for neutral shades when it comes to my eyes. Every time I go to this shop I know I will always get an eyeshadow, this time they were buy one get one free so of course I had to pick a second :) I love these shades and have worn them quite a lot, today I have just Walnut Bronze all over my lid with nothing else, which is a perfect daytime colour without looking like you've made too much effort. I also think these look great together, they really compliment each other.

nyx lipsticks
nyx lipstick pumpkin pie
NYX Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie - £2.95 for two RRP £3.50 each

I am always on the search for my perfect daytime nude colour, and I picked this because these were also on buy one get one free and I had already chosen the red one (see below). It's not perfect for me, it's a little orange and sheer, but I think it looks really nice when layered over something else. I often wear it over MAC Kinda Sexy (sidenote: I tried to include a link to this lipstick but when googling, none of the pictures look anything how it does on me, which is a little strange. I'd love that lipstick a lot more if it looked on me how it does in those pictures!) and I think they look really good together.

nyx lipsticks
nyx lipstick fire
NYX Lipstick in Fire - £2.95 for two RRP £3.50 each

Messy application but it was just to show you the colour on my lips. This is the first red lipstick I've ever owned. It always scared me a little which is why I got a cheaper one in case I didn't like it. However, I do! This is pretty much a perfect red for me, I'd call it a pretty true red, if I had to give it a shade I'd probably call it cherry red. I just love it :) I love the formulation of both of these lipsticks, they're not drying at all but still long lasting - especially Fire.

Click here for an on-hand swatch of the lipsticks which I think shows Pumpkin Pie quite well.

Overall I am super happy with all these products and these products have made me even more of a fan of NYX, so far I haven't been disappointed by anything I've bought - really recommend!

For a little more information on where I got these products and why they were cheaper than the RRP, see this post.

Hope you enjoyed! Do you own any of these products, or have any other NYX products to recommend me?