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nyx foundation review

Hello again!

I started to include this review in this post but while typing it I realised I have quite a lot to say about it and so have given it it's own post. I have personally never seen a review of this (although they do exist) and hadn't even heard of it until I saw it, so I thought it might be helpful to add my thoughts to the pile!

nyx foundation

The product in question is 'The Make-up' Foundation by NYX. I paid £5.95 for this at an outlet store but on the official NYX website (here) it costs £9 which I would still pay.

While I was in the shop I did actually pick up a backup bottle of Revlon Colourstay which I'd been using previously (and still alternate back and forth from), but when I got to the NYX section I noticed they had foundation which wasn't there the last time I went. 

I really do struggle to find foundation that is pale enough while still fitting all my other requirements in a foundation - MAC NC15 is even too dark for me. So I noticed that the lightest shade they stocked - LM 08 Natural Beige (although looking at the website it looks like they go much lighter which is really great as I find most 'drugstore' foundations in the lightest shade are far far too dark)- looked very similar to the Revlon Colourstay in Ivory which also matches my skin. Because I struggle so much I had a quick read of the packaging but pretty much knew I would be trying this just because it would match my face!

I am definitely glad I picked this up. First off it does match my skin tone like I had hoped and I know I've gone on about this a little but I have seriously spent money on SO many foundation that I just can't use without my face looking strange, so it feels like such an achievement to find one that is pale enough! The bottle describes it as 'Natural & Long Lasting' which I think I do agree with, however I think for me I always associate 'natural' with meaning quite sheer and not looking like you have makeup on. This is certainly not sheer (I need as full coverage as I can get so I wouldn't like this if it was!) and at times it is definitely obvious that I have make-up on but because of the coverage I want I have come to accept that that's usually going to be the case.

nyx foundation

I think I actually prefer this to the Colourstay, I currently use Colourstay during the week and this on the weekends or for any more important occasions if they're in the week. I find this is easier to apply and doesn't dry as fast. I have applied this with both my fingers and a brush and both work really well, I think it applies slightly better with my fingers but I have a feeling that when I do that, I compromise on coverage a little. Either way it is smooth and easy to blend, and dries to a slightly matte finish which I absolutely love. I always use a setting powder with this and with that it stays all day; I apply my make-up around 8am and take it off somewhere between 8 and 11pm.

I would also like to say how happy I am with the packaging. Firstly I like that the bottle shows you how much you have left which is a huge plus as I will know when I need to think about repurchasing. I also love that it has a pump, something I hate about Colourstay and I feel I waste a lot of product with foundations that don't have a pump. I like that the design is simple and yet still pretty (you can see the full design in the first picture on this post), the bottle doesn't seem cluttered, and yet most questions you would usually have are answered on it.

Overall I just really like this foundation and am so happy I found it! As mentioned, although I got this at a discounted price, I think the full price is reasonable and in line with a lot of other foundations on the market. You get 30ml which I believe is pretty standard, but it's handy to know because it doesn't actually say on the bottle.

Sorry for the lack of photos, these were taken when I thought this would just be a quick few sentences in my haul post.

I hope you enjoyed this, I hope it wasn't too long, but I have a lot to say about this foundation! Have any of you tried it? If so, do you like it too?

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