Saturday, 4 February 2012

nyx haul

Hey everyone!

I'm back with a haul today. This post is actually way overdue, by almost 2 months, oops! But I kind of see it as a good thing as now I can talk a little more about the products than just 'look what I bought'. However, whilst writing this I have realised I have quite a lot to say about the foundation so I'm going to put that into it's own post. 

nyx cosmetics

nyx foundation
NYX Liquid Make-up £5.95 RRP £9

I have just started writing my third paragraph about this so I think it makes sense to give it it's own post. So look out for that coming soon, for now I will say that it's great for pale girls!

nyx eyeshadows
nyx eyeshadow asphalt walnut bronze
NYX Single Eyeshadows in Walnut Bronze (left on the first picture, bottom on the second) and Asphalt (right on the first picture, top on the second) - £2.95 for both RRP £4.50 each

If you've read my blog before you have probably noticed that I pretty much always go for neutral shades when it comes to my eyes. Every time I go to this shop I know I will always get an eyeshadow, this time they were buy one get one free so of course I had to pick a second :) I love these shades and have worn them quite a lot, today I have just Walnut Bronze all over my lid with nothing else, which is a perfect daytime colour without looking like you've made too much effort. I also think these look great together, they really compliment each other.

nyx lipsticks
nyx lipstick pumpkin pie
NYX Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie - £2.95 for two RRP £3.50 each

I am always on the search for my perfect daytime nude colour, and I picked this because these were also on buy one get one free and I had already chosen the red one (see below). It's not perfect for me, it's a little orange and sheer, but I think it looks really nice when layered over something else. I often wear it over MAC Kinda Sexy (sidenote: I tried to include a link to this lipstick but when googling, none of the pictures look anything how it does on me, which is a little strange. I'd love that lipstick a lot more if it looked on me how it does in those pictures!) and I think they look really good together.

nyx lipsticks
nyx lipstick fire
NYX Lipstick in Fire - £2.95 for two RRP £3.50 each

Messy application but it was just to show you the colour on my lips. This is the first red lipstick I've ever owned. It always scared me a little which is why I got a cheaper one in case I didn't like it. However, I do! This is pretty much a perfect red for me, I'd call it a pretty true red, if I had to give it a shade I'd probably call it cherry red. I just love it :) I love the formulation of both of these lipsticks, they're not drying at all but still long lasting - especially Fire.

Click here for an on-hand swatch of the lipsticks which I think shows Pumpkin Pie quite well.

Overall I am super happy with all these products and these products have made me even more of a fan of NYX, so far I haven't been disappointed by anything I've bought - really recommend!

For a little more information on where I got these products and why they were cheaper than the RRP, see this post.

Hope you enjoyed! Do you own any of these products, or have any other NYX products to recommend me?

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