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soap and glory - big splendour

Hi everyone!

This post is another one that's long overdue but again I think it gives me chance to have used the products and have more of an opinion on them.

For Christmas my boyfriend got me the Soap & Glory Big Splendour set. Boots do a great deal on these every year (see here for last year's post), everything you see below cost only £25 which is an amazing deal, I believe the products are worth something like £60! Onto the contents:

soap and glory 011

soap and glory 013

soap and glory 014

soap and glory 018

I like the packaging of the set much more this year, I think it's more practical as I could definitely see myself using this for travel purposes. I also really love the touch of the red ribbon :)

soap and glory 030
Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel (my thoughts last year)
I'll start with what I think is my favourite ever Soap & Glory product. See last years post for my thoughts on this but I will just say I love this! I got a separate 500ml bottle as well for Christmas so I have a whole litre which I know will last me a while :D I was very glad to see this in the set!

soap and glory 032
Pulp Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub
This is probably my second favourite product. I'm not always a fan of body scrubs as I hate any residue being left being giving my legs a greasy film. This doesn't leave that at all and is so different from any other scrub I've used, and is also the best. As the name would suggest, it foams up while still scrubbing the skin and leaves my legs feeling lovely and soft, but doesn't leave a trace behind. Amazing!

soap and glory 028
Hand Food (my thoughts last year)
I haven't actually used up last year's tube of this but now I have one in my bedroom and one in my handbag. I do like this but I'm not a great fan of hand creams as I don't really like the feeling on my hands. However this does smell gorgeous and is one of the better hand creams I've used.

soap and glory 026
Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths (my thoughts last year)
As with last year, these to me are just face wipes and I've never been able to tell much different which is why I opt for cheaper brands. However I like to have these when they come in the sets and do enjoy using them, I just don't see enough benefits to pay £4.50 for a pack.

soap and glory 024
The Righteous Butter Body Butter (my thoughts last year)
I still feel the same about this product to be honest. It smells great and is on the better end of the spectrum of body butters I've used, but I just don't think I have the type of skin that needs anything too moisturising. I haven't used up the last tub of this yet but I'm sure I will eventually - it's definitely not a product I won't use, it just takes me a long time as I'm not a regular moisturiser.

soap and glory 031
Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath
I haven't actually used this yet as I'm not really one for baths. However I intend to try this as a shower gel after I use up Clean on Me as I'm sure they both do similar things. It has the same smell that I love though so I'm sure I won't have anything bad to say about this!

soap and glory 029
Heel Genius Foot Cream
So far I've used this once as an intensive moisturiser overnight with socks on. It did make my feet soft but I have to say I don't like the smell. It reminds me of a gel type moisturiser I used to own from Avon, it just smells strange to me. I thought this would be pretty much the same as Hand Food but it isn't.

soap and glory 034
Face Soap and Clarity Facial Wash
Before typing this I just went to smell it and it actually smells sort of like Heel Genius. However I think the scent is more suited to a face wash anyway. I like this but I just have other cleansers I'm using more at the moment. I'm looking forward to using this when I get through my current cleanser though!

soap and glory 033
Mist You Madly Body Spray
At first I thought this was supposed to be like Girligo but it's not meant for moisturising, it's just a body spray. I don't love the scent, but it is nice. However if it smelt like their signature scent it would be amazing as I believe that smells like Miss Dior Cherie, but it's obviously a fraction of the price!

soap and glory 036
Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss in Candy Gloss
I'll be honest - I don't like lipgloss. I hate the stickiness of them and this is no different. That being said I do like the colour and smell of this, and the way it feels on the lips is a fun novelty. I've worn it once or twice and will continue to do so occasionally, but on days when there is no wind or I'm not going outside - the feeling of hair stuck to my lips just isn't worth it!

Overall, although I haven't raved about every product, I love these sets as a whole. I love the value of them and that it lets me try products that I wouldn't buy at full price and would therefore never know if I like them or not. Both sets so far have had one standout product for me (Clean On Me last year, Pulp Friction this year) as well as a number of products that I really enjoy using. I'm not unhappy to own any of these by any means and I will use them all up, which obviously means nothing is that bad. 

I think these are great gifts and if Soap & Glory do another one next Christmas I will definitely be asking for it!

This set is no longer available but you can buy Soap & Glory from Boots here.

Did you get this set for Christmas? What did you think?


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  2. Jade uses Clean On Me, it's lasted her ages :) I now want to try Pulp Friction, it sounds so nice!


    1. yeah it does last a long time because you don't need much of it! and you really should :) xxx


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