Thursday, 29 March 2012

collection 2000 cream puff - fairy cake

Hi everyone!

I recently picked up this Collection 2000 Cream Puff  Moisturising Lip Cream - I only really bought it because it was 3 for 2 in Boots, but  had seen a lot of great things about these products so thought I'd give it a go. I debated over which colour to get and am really pleased with the one I got and think I will be adding to my collection!

collection 2000 cream puff - fairy cake

I got the shade Fairy Cake which is a corally reddy pink colour - specific I know! I'm not great at describing colours but it is really lovely. I thought it may be a little bright but I have worn this all day without feeling too self conscious, and at the same time I think this could work really well for the evening.

collection 2000 cream puff - fairy cake

I never hesitate in saying that I'm not a fan of lipglosses. I hate how sticky they are, how they don't really last or dry, and how my hair always gets stuck to them. Thankfully this definitely isn't something I'd call a lipgloss. It's not the sort of consistency you could call a lipstick, I think a lip paint would be a good description, although their choice of lip cream works too. The consistency is thick and covers the lips in colour. The finish isn't fully matte but isn't glossy either, it's a nice in between.

collection 2000 cream puff - fairy cake
collection 2000 cream puff - fairy cake
collection 2000 cream puff - fairy cake
collection 2000 cream puff - fairy cake
I tried to take pictures in different lights to give you different ideas of the colour.

While I've not owned this for long, so haven't tested it all that much, it lasted through me eating a lollipop with only a little fading which I am super impressed with! Without eating/drinking it lasted for hours, it just needs the chance to dry first.

I definitely agree with what others say about this not being moisturising in any way but I can look past this because of all it's other great points. One of which is the smell! I know that's not a hugely important factor but this smells GORGEOUS! To me it smells like vanilla buttercream, it's amazing! Luckily it doesn't taste like it too or it would never last on my lips :D

Overall I just really like this product and am definitely planning to buy other colours. It would cost £12 (just under, technically) to own all 4 and there are often offers like 3 for 2 on in places like Boots, although when you think of the price of something like MAC, £12 for 4 is a complete bargain! I had sort of high expectations for this product after seeing so much said about it but I can safely say it has exceeded all those expectations! I love it :)

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?


  1. Hi there :) Just found you after searching for some info on these products, I have one of them and love it! Can't remember what colour mine is but I really want more! I love the matte finish they give it's so nice!

    Great post and lovely blog :)


    1. thank you for the comment, really appreciate it :) glad you like! xx


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