Friday, 23 March 2012

primark haul

Hi everyone!

I know it's not been all that long since my last Primark haul but it will be my last for a while so that's my justification :)

primark haul mint blazer
I'll start off with the item I was most happy to get. I've seen this blazer on a few blogs but wasn't sure if I'd find it in my local Primark as they don't often have the more popular items. But this was the first thing I saw when I walked in and I was so happy to get my size :) I plan to wear this with the black dress from this post to a wedding, as it has the same green in it! This was £15.

primark haul navy lace dress
I wore this dress at the weekend and am so happy with it. I've wanted a lace dress for sooooo long but everything I've tried on does me no favours and, for want of a better description, squashes me in the chest area! But this fits really well, I love everything about it. It looks more black in this photo than navy but I love the colour and just overall am super happy with the dress! This was £17.

primark haul purple dress
This dress is the same style as the one I mentioned I'm wearing to the wedding. I'm not sure when or how I'll wear this yet but the colour appealed to me and I already know from the other dress that I like the fit. This was £13.

primark haul 002
primark haul 003
I almost got these shoes in a third, more tan colour, but decided to stick to two! I really like the style of these and the pop of pink in the bottom pair. My favourites are the navy ones but I like the others especially for when I'm wearing lighter colours or maybe for black too, when navy might not go. These were £8 each.

primark haul zebra scarf
I already have this scarf in red and black and I love the print, so I thought these colours would be great for spring and summer.

primark haul vests
I stocked up on these 5 (there is a white one there, honest!) vests as I think you can never have enough plain vests, they are so great for layering! They feel so soft which I was't expecting, and I like that you can wear them both ways (scoop or v neck) if you want. These were £1.80 each, absolute bargain!

primark haul vests
Back to the animal theme yet again! I love these, especially the panther(? jaguar?). I bought these mainly with my summer holiday in mind but they could work over here too, especially when it's warm! They were £3 each.

primark haul bear crop top
This is the first crop top I've ever bought, I was just so drawn to the bears! I love the texture too, its sort of rough but soft if that makes sense, all the white bits are sort of raised. I'm definitely not comfortable with wearing crop tops alone so the vests will come in handy here! This was £4.

primark haul 008
Not a very good picture but I just had to show the label on this! I only noticed when I was taking these photos that there is a mini part of the design on it. You can see them on the two vests too, it's a little detail but I love attention to detail and really like this.

I hope you liked! Have you bought anything from Primark recently? I'd love to see as I think I need to just shop through others for a while haha!


  1. Ooohh I want the blazer! Also loving the vest tops, I want them, what a bargain! I usually get the equally cheap ones from New Look <3

    1. you should totally get the blazer, jump on the bandwagon :P x

  2. the mint blazer is beautiful xxx

    1. agreed :D can't wait to wear it! xx


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