Friday, 2 March 2012

rituals makeup

Hi everyone!

For Chrismtas, my boyfriend got me a subscription to More! magazine. With that came a free makeup set which took literally months to arrive, but I finally have it!

rituals 001

The set was from Rituals Cosmetics who, I'll be honest, I'd never heard of before. This post isnt going to be that in depth a review because I've not had the products long, so these are more my initial thoughts.

rituals 003

rituals 004

My most initial thought was that I really like the packaging! Its sleek and 'classic' but then the actual product (meaning not the box) has this slight shimmer/glitter to it so it's not just plain black, which I think is really pretty and different.

rituals 005

rituals 006

rituals 009
This is the Cheek & Eye Glow in Sundance. I really like this, it's definitely my sort of colours as I don't like anything too bright and colourful. I think you can work out which colour is which on the swatch, but I will say that the one that looks orangey in the pictures is the far right swatch, so it's not orangey at all, very pale. These are nice colours that go really well together and as the name would suggest they can be used on the cheeks too which is good. I have tried all the colours swirled together on my cheeks and it works really well as a blusher , it reminds me of a toned down Benefit Coralista. All I will say, although it's pretty obvious, is that this isn't going to be good for anyone who doesn't like shimmer.

rituals 011

This is the Lengthening Mascara in Black. I was surprised at how small the brush was to be honest but I wore it today and was pleasantly surprised. It's not amazing but I do like how it works and it does make my eyelashes look good. I would probably need a little more for a night out but it's great for the day.

rituals 012

rituals 016

This is the Cream & Care Lipstick in Smart. As you can see it's a super bright blue toned pink, and definitely not for the faint hearted! That being said, I have tried it with just a small amount blended out on the lips and it looks good like that too without being too bright. I like this though, it is a going out lipstick but I'm looking forward to wearing it!

If you've noticed I haven't included any prices or links in this post, it's because I think these are discontinued products, I can't seem to find any links to them.

Hope you liked! Have you tried anything from Rituals? What did you think?


  1. I only tried their shower gel so far, that I received in Glossybox and I loved it. It smells amazing.
    I didn't know they did makeup! it looks amazing. x

    1. nor did i until i got this! i think they are more well known for their body products it seems! x

  2. Looks like you recieved some lovely goodies! xx


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