Sunday, 22 April 2012

spring pastel nails

Hi everyone!

Quick post from me today to show you my nails of the moment :)

Spring Pastel Nails

I thought it was about time to get into the spring pastel trend, but I don't usually follow clothing trends, so an easy way to do it was on my nail. I thought about doing some sort of nail art but have been stuck for ideas so I went for a bit of colour blocking :) I started with the brown but then thought yellow might look better, and then couldn't decide, which is why I have one odd colour on each hand. Looking at pictures I think I prefer the yellow hand!

Spring Pastel Nails
Spring Pastel Nails

Colours used:

OPI San Tan-tonio (posted about here)
OPI Stranger Tides (posted about here)
Barry M Peach Melba
Barry M Berry Ice Cream
Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream
Barry M Lemon Ice Cream

No idea what happened with the ridging on my left hand, I think the top coat must not have dried as quick as I thought it did!

I don't have much else to say about these, other than that I'm really happy with them and catch myself looking at my nails quite a lot - it's been a while since I had anything other than a block colour on them!

Hope you liked!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

opi - san tan-tonio


I'm back with a post on the other OPI nail polish I bought - San Tan-tonio. I love the puns they use for their names! This was in the Texas collection but from a quick search there are still places online selling it.

OPI - San Tan-tonio

OPI - San Tan-tonio

This is much less of a unique colour than Stranger Tides which I posted about here, but it's a great neutral colour without being too pale and washed out.

OPI - San Tan-tonio

As you can see, it's a pretty standard chocolatey brown. It actually reminds me a lot of Barry M - Mushroom but annoyingly I can't find it to compare. I did search online to see if anybody else made the same connection but it looks like not, so maybe when I find Mushroom I'll be able to notice the difference. I had a look back at my older posts and I used Mushroom in this post but because it's just for details I can't really tell. Any thoughts?

Anyway, comparisons aside I do really like this. It's not offensive and so easy to wear but without being boring. I like the formulation and how the polish wears but I definitely back up what I said last time - I struggle to believe OPI is worth the price tag. They're nice as a treat and when there are unique colours but aside from that I'll stick to the drugstore. Especially with this polish, because it's not all that unique, I wouldn't repurchase. That being said I am enjoying wearing it and if I ignore the price it is a really great nail polish.

Hope you liked!

What do you think of this colour, and OPI polishes in general?