Tuesday, 22 May 2012

exposed - glamour puss

Hi everyone!

This was going to just be another post about my current nails, but I'm so disappointed with one polish and impressed with the other that it's more of a little review as well as showing you what's on my nails!

Exposed - Glamour Puss

This is Glamour Puss by a brand called Exposed which I'd never heard of before. I found a site here selling the polishes for £3.99, but I found this in an independent beauty supply shop in a local town for £1.99, so it may be worth checking out local shops first. They also had some Sinful Colours and W7 polishes but I'd heard of those before so was interested in seeing what it would be like. They had a ton of gorgeous shades and I'm definitely planning to go back and get others, but Glamour Puss totally caught my eye! It's basically blue and purple glitter in a clear base and it's just so beautiful!

Exposed - Glamour Puss
On the left is one coat and on the right is two.

Personally, I'm pretty impressed with the coverage of this polish. It's not opaque in one coat at all but sometimes you don't want that, if you have a colour underneath you want to show through. In two coats it would have been okay to leave but I did a third just to get it totally opaque:

Exposed - Glamour Puss

As you can see, it's more than fine in three coats! I loooove this polish so much! It was such a great price and the formula, application etc I found to be really good. I'm sure it's not everyone's cup of tea as it's quite 'out there' and for me it's not something I'd put three coats of on every nail, but it's great when you want something a bit more fun and pretty :) Overall I'm super happy and very interested in trying other colours from this brand.

Exposed - Glamour Puss
This is how it looks in daylight, the colours really come out in this picture.

Now I just want to give a quick mention to the nude colour - this came in a gift set by Champneys and I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything more from a gift set nail polish by a brand that isn't known for it's nail polishes. This took well over three coats, I lost count, the finish is horrible, it takes forever to dry and as you can see that many coats still didn't make it opaque. I've just checked the bottle and it says 'Apply 2 coats' - I highly disagree!

Anyway, enough moaning, if that polish had been as good as Glamour Puss, I would love these nails even more, but I do really like them anyway because of Glamour Puss :)

Hope you liked!

Have you tried anything by Exposed before? Any colours to recommend?


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