Thursday, 14 June 2012


Hi everyone!

I recently went to a family members wedding and for once actually remembered to take some outfit photos! It was a really lovely wedding, the weather stayed nice (just for one day of course!) which really helped and it was just a great day :)

Wedding OOTD

I was actually housesitting with my boyfriend at my cousin's house that week so I've got a different background in these photos and a special guest! This is Sully the dog and he's SO friendly :D I love him!

Pretty easy to list where everything is from to be honest - everything is from Primark except the shoes which are from Peacocks. I have a necklace on from Elsie Belle but you can't really see it, and my watch is Marc Jacobs. I have Collection Cream Puff in Fairy Cake on my lips which I posted about here.

Wedding OOTD

I was a little iffy about wearing a black dress to a wedding, but I just liked it so much, which is why I've made sure nothing else in the outfit is black, but it all still matches the colours in the dress.

Not much else to say to be honest. I'm off on holiday to Spain in 2 days so am SO excited about that! Hopefully will get a few outfit pictures while I'm there and will try to do another couple of posts like I did last year.

Hope you liked!


  1. Love the outfit Laura you look beautiful. That dude next to you looks okay as well haha ;o). Thanks so much for having us round btw we had a great time. Can't wait to see you guys again xx :o)

    1. thanks lizzie :) i had a great time too! next time at your place :P xx


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