Monday, 23 July 2012

real techniques core collection

Hi everyone!

This post is kind of overdue but as always with things like this I think the longer I've had a product, the easier it is to talk about it.

Today I'm going to be talking about the Real Techniques Core Collection makeup brushes. I'll be honest, I was quite late to the Pixiwoo party and I honestly don't know why. I knew of the sisters but hadn't really watched any of their videos. These brushes are what introduced me to them, they were being spoken about all over the blogging world, and it really interested me to see something made by someone who is actually part of the community.

Real Techniques Core Collection

Real Techniques Core Collection

I bought the Core collection a couple of months ago and am so glad I did! It consists of four brushes - the Detailer brush, Pointed Foundation brush, Contour brush and the famous Buffing brush.
The brushes come with a case/stand which honestly I haven't used because I already have a brush roll that fits more brushes which I use for travel, but if I didn't I can see how this would be useful. 

Real Techniques Detailer Brush

The detailer brush I believe is intended for concealer, but I find concealer always works better for me when applied with my fingers. I use this as a lip brush which it's fine for, although it could maybe do with being a little firmer. Thinking about it now I've written this, detailer could be for lips anyway!

Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush

I don't really use the foundation brush, I find its far too small. I use this if for any reason I do want to use a brush with my concealer, but to be honest I don't get much use out of this - and I have a feeling I'm not alone in that. 

Real Techniques Contour Brush
Real Techniques Contour Brush

I rarely contour, but I use the contour brush for my blusher and it works great for that. I find it so much better at blending than anything else I own - it doesn't matter how much blusher I accidentally put on the brush, I can always blend it out and tone it down with this brush, which I love. On the odd occasion I wear highlighter or contour, I use this and it works just as well for that too, its not so big that it covers your face but its not too small to do the job either. I really enjoy using this. 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Real Techniques Buffing Brushcs 047

Now for what I think most people would consider the star of the core collection, possibly the whole range - the buffing brush. Before I bought this set I'd seen SO many bloggers saying they haven't used anything else since getting this brush, and I can totally see why. It blends in any foundation I've thrown at it, be it thick or thin, and gets rid of any lines and streaks with such little effort. I won't go on for too much because like I said I'm quite late to this party and I'm sure you've seen plenty of reviews already, but suffice to say I love this brush! If I had to come up with a negative I would say sometimes it seems like it's almost working too well, and buffing my foundation off my face in some areas, specifically around my nose. I think this is because my skin is so oily especially in that area, but as time goes on I'm learning the techniques that work for me to avoid that from happening. 

One thing I haven't mentioned already because it goes for all the brushes and I didn't see the point in writing it 4 times - these brushes are SO SOFT! The softest brushes I've ever felt! I've spent money on MAC brushes and I have pretty much not used my MAC foundation brush since buying this kit, which I think is really saying something.

Overall I really do just love this kit, obviously some brushes more than others but for the price I don't have any problems at all with them! I am definitely interested in trying other brushes from the kit, maybe the eye kit and the powder brush, and then more recently the Expert Face brush came out and I really want to try that!

Do you have this kit? What do you think?


  1. I love these brushes too, and i agree that the concealer and foundation brush are quite disappointing, but i love the contou and buffing brush, i couldn't go without them! x

    1. It seems like that's pretty much everyone's opinion! x


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