Thursday, 30 August 2012

essie - jamaica me crazy

Hi everyone!

Today's post is going to be about the third nail polish I got in the pack of three that I posted about here

Essie - Jamaica Me Crazy

Essie - Jamaica Me Crazy

This is Jamaica Me Crazy (I'm pretty confident this is actually it's name, too!) and as you can see its a blue toned bright pink/purpley colour. The photo above is a little more colour accurate than the one below.

Essie - Jamaica Me Crazy

Please excuse the stumpy nail :(

I have to say, I think I'm much more impressed with the formula of this than the other two - maybe Essie polishes are just a bit hit and miss. I think this was three coats and the third coat was more just to be sure than anything else, I could have left it at two. I can't remember if I said this in the other post or not but I am so impressed with the drying time of all the Essie polishes! Super quick :)

I do like this colour although I feel like out of the three, I'll get the least wear out of this one. Which is a shame because I found this one the easiest to apply. I just don't tend to go for this sort of shade too often, but when I feel like it, I'll know I'll be using a great polish :) This polish has convinced me that if I see another of the £10 packs of three with nice colours, I know it'll be worth it. However because the two nicer colours had a worse formula, and because I don't know how much wear I'll get out of this, I don't think I'd have paid the standard £8 for any of the three Essie polishes I've got. Sorry, I know that's an unpopular opinion!
Maybe I need to try the Boots diffusion ones instead?

Hope you like!


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  2. I have heard quite hit and miss things about Essie nail polishes, particularly that the formula is quite thin! Seems like you got yourself a bargain though. xo
    PS: Stupid me forgot to log out of my other account, so excuse the useless comment above! Haha.

    1. Haha no problem :) you're right I did get a bargain but because like you saythey are so hit and miss, I don't think they're worth much more than the price I paid anyway! I'm sure some are great though :)

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