Thursday, 23 August 2012

essie nail polish

Hi everyone!

Today I have a nail post for you - it's been a while!

At the weekend, I went into TK Maxx and headed straight for the beauty section. I have seen a few Essie polishes in there before and on blog posts so I'd decided that day was the day I would buy my first Essie polishes! I got a set of 3 for £9.99 and today I'm going to share two of those with you.

Essie Nail Polish

Unfortunately the naming of all the polishes they had on offer was awful. I think I saw about 5 different shades, all called Tangerine. None of those shades was orange in any way!

According to the labels, the polish on the left is We Can Do It Pink! - which I think might be right - and the right is Tangerine. From a quick Google search I'm pretty convinced that this isn't Tangerine, but I also think there are quite a few people who think it is Tangerine - probably because of the bad labelling.

Anyway! The swatches :)

Essie Nail Polish

I have to say that I wasn't amazed with the formula of these. They took a good 3-4 coats to look like this and for the first 2 or so coats they definitely wouldn't have been passable - a bit of a streaky mess! It didn't take as long as you might expect though because I found the drying time to be pretty good.

I've had my nails like this for 5 days now and am impressed with the chipping, especially considering the amount of coats I had to use.

Essie Nail Polish

WCDIP! is  so close to being white, in some lights it's really hard to tell! I think it depends what colour it's next to really, next to 'Tangerine' I think the pink tones to it come out a bit more - but only a little! It's a very very pale colour so definitely not too out there or anything like that, perfect for more formal occasions and I also think it would make a great base for things like glitter.

'Tangerine' is close to being neon but isn't quite there. It's a bring pink that is almost coral but again, not quite. Not that those are bad things though, I really like this. I just wish I didn't need so many coats!

I had heard that the original Essie polish formula's are a bit hit and miss, and that the Boots diffusion line is a lot better, so that might be what the problem is. That being said, I was impressed with the lasting power of these and if I saw another set of 3 colours that I liked I would be likely to buy it - but only if I liked them all. I don't think I'd pay £5 for these but more like £3 is about right I think. I am interested to try the new formulation though.

Overall I'm not wowed by this polishes but I don't hate them either. I think WCDIP! will come in especially handy and I'm sure I will continue to use these polishes. I like them, I think they are worth what I paid and I would pay the same again for them :)

Have you tried any of the non-Boots Essie polishes? Did you have similar experiences? If not, I'd be interested in hearing recommendations for shades to look out for :)

Hope you liked!


  1. HI ;) could you say which number of NYX the make-up foundation, you use? Color is the same like Revlon color stay ivory?

    1. Hi Joan :)
      I've just read back over my initial review and have no idea why I called it Ivory - thanks for making me notice! My bottle says LM 08 Natural Beige.
      I hope that helps :)


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