Tuesday, 14 August 2012

what i got for my birthday - jewellery

Hi everyone!

So as I mentioned, it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Being my 21st it was more of a special 'milestone' birthday so I got some more special pieces of jewellery than I might normally get, as something I can keep. I did get other presents and am hugely grateful for all of them :) but I thought I'd post about the jewellery I got.

Elsie Belle Armadillo Necklace

First up is this Elsie Belle Armadillo necklace. Of course I had to have something with an animal on it :D I like that this is a bit of a different animal to have on a necklace, and I love the detail on it! So cute :)



I absolutely love this bracelet! I believe I heard the person who got me it say that it's from Argos, and that it comes in other colours - the sound of a rose gold one particularly interests me! I just think this is a gorgeous bracelet, I like that it has the glitter/sparkle to it but it's not too much. I've worn this every day and I just love it! :D

Spinning Jewellery Rings

Spinning Jewellery Rings

Spinning Jewellery Rings

These rings were my most '21st'y present I suppose. My mum had asked about getting me something like a Pandora or similar charm bracelet, but I don't love the idea of charm bracelets. I prefer to wear a lot of my more 'classic' jewellery every day, whatever I'm wearing, and I feel like a charm bracelet would end up getting in my way and bash into things. These rings are from a brand called Spinning Jewellery who are stocked in my local jewellers. What I like about these is that they're almost like charms in the collection sense. For birthdays, Christmas etc. instead of a charm, people can buy a ring that I can add to my collection, and mix and match which ones I wear together. My personal favourite is the clover one, but I love them all and I think they look great both in pairs and all grouped together. I'm just really happy with these rings, would definitely recommend them and love that I now have something I 'collect' :)

So that's it for the jewellery I got for my birthday!

Hope you liked! 

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