Friday, 17 August 2012

yankee candle by simply home - bartlett pear

Hi everyone!

I'm back with the last of my candle posts! 

Simply Home Yankee Candle - Bartlett Pear

Today's post is another Simply Home Yankee Candle, and the scent is Bartlett Pear. I love fruity scents as mentioned before, so this is right up my street. Unlike the cherry one, there's no sweet side to this - not that it's sour, just there is no vanilla or anything like that. This is purely fruity! I love it, I love pears and the smell of them anyway so this was bound to be a hit with me.

Simply Home Yankee Candle - Bartlett Pear

My aunt described this as a 'kitchen candle' when she smelt it for the first time, and I can definitely see why. It smells so fresh and sort of clean, although clean isn't really a word I'd associate with pears. But I can see why some of the sickly sweet scents might seem a bit overpowering in a kitchen, while this I can see would be perfect. It may sound a little silly but scents like this make me so excited to move into my own house, so I can fill each room with a candle that matches!

Overall I'm just a huge fan of this, this is also a super big jar - it's bigger than the cherry one (pictures here for comparison) so I think it's Simply Home's version of the large Yankee Candle jar (pictures here for comparison). So I'm sure it will last a while which is great :)

Hope you liked!

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  1. I love fruity scents too


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