Thursday, 6 September 2012

barry m - pink silver glitter

Hi everyone!

Another nail post today!

Barry M - Pink Silver Glitter

This post is about Pink Silver Glitter from Barry M - a polish that I've seen lots of talk about, mainly positive. So of course I had to try it out!

Barry M - Pink Silver Glitter

Before I start talking about what this post is about, can I take a minute to point out my ring finger? That is the Essie 'mystery colour' from this post, non touched up! I may not have loved the application of this - mainly how sheer it was - but I am beyond impressed with it's lasting power! Definite thumbs up from me for that :)

Anyway, onto the glittery goodness! I love this polish. That is all.

But really, it is great! It took longer to dry than I'd hoped but I think I've just got a bit used to Essie's quick drying polishes (last mention of Essie, I promise!). Even so, it wasn't too bad really, and I thought the application was really good. This photo is three coats but I could easily have left it at two with no problems at all. I just love that this is glittery but because it's a muted colour, its super easy to wear. Usually I'd save glitter for an accent nail but I don't think this is too in your face at all. It dries surprising smooth for a glitter polish - I saw another blogger say it was almost like a foil and I would agree with that - I think that's part of why it's so wearable.

So incase you didn't guess, I am really glad I bought this polish :)

Have you tried it? Are you a fan?

Hope you liked!