Tuesday, 27 November 2012

mua nail constellation - pisces

Hi everyone!

Another nail post for you today, and I have a few other posts lined up that are all nail related! Today I'm going to be talking about the new MUA Nail Constellations - this one is in Pisces (they are all named after star signs).

MUA Nail Constellation - Pisces

So as you can see from the above, the concept of these products is basically the same as the Ciate Caviar nails, but for much cheaper. I haven't tried the Ciate version and to be honest I won't be, as I can't really see how the price difference could be worth it. I've been searching for these for so long, every Superdrug I go in is always sold out of the newest MUA products (still searching for the Undressed palette!). But I got lucky at the weekend and found three of the five colour choices - click here to see them all. I'm happy that I found these colours actually as they are the ones I would have chosen.

MUA Nail Constellation - Pisces

Sorry about the mess on my middle finger and also my stubby little nail!

I am really impressed with these actually. I think they look so different and although they are honestly not practical (and not something I probably should have done on a Tuesday night!), they definitely make an impact and I think would be great for a special occasion. This colour is my favourite out of them all I think, but mainly because bluey green sort of colours are my favourite anyway. I would definitely recommend painting a colour underneath that you wouldn't mind showing through - I chose Barry M Mint Green.

Application wise I found it pretty easy to apply. I held my nail over a small lid to catch the beads, and poured onto a nail at a time while my nail polish was still wet. I did find that the beads kept getting stuck, sort of blocking the tubes, so I did have to pour sections one by one, but in some ways I found that easier and it helped not to use so many beads - maybe they are made that way on purpose? Okay, after typing that I watched this video and yes, they seem to be made to work like that. One thing to note is that these are definitely a little messy, but that's to be expected really and if you prepare properly before you start, you can contain all the beads and get them back into the bottle to be reused.

MUA Nail Constellation - Pisces

This photo was taken after applying the Nail Constellations to both hands, and to show how much was used in comparison to a full bottle. I would estimate you can get at least 5 full applications out of one bottle, and obviously many more if you wanted to do accent nails or something like that. I think £3 for over 5 manicures is an absolutely great price, and I am really glad I managed to get my hands on these! I'm sure they won't last all that long but like I said earlier, they're clearly not supposed to, and are great for a special occasion.

Have you tried these? Are you a fan?

Hope you liked!


  1. They look lovely, but I've not heard the best things! How well did they last? xo

    1. Not that great to be honest, it's now about 24 hours since I applied them, and none of my nails are how they looked yesterday, put it that way! They do look cool, definitely for a one night type of thing though :) x


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