Wednesday, 13 March 2013

barry m textured - ridley road

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be talking about the first product from my haul post on Sunday. This is one of Barry M's Textured Nail Paints in Ridley Road

Barry M Textured Nail Paint in Ridley Road

I deliberated over the other colours too but eventually I was drawn to the mint colour as always!

Barry M Textured Nail Paint in Ridley Road

Before applying to the nail you can see on the brush that the polish is grainy, it almost looks like it has loads and loads of little air bubbles in it but obviously that's not what they are.

Barry M Textured Nail Paint in Ridley Road

Straight away this reminded me of Mint Green, also by Barry M, so I thought I'd do a quick comparison. Mint Green is darker in colour, but I find that Ridley Road is a lot more vibrant, especially on the nails as seen above. 

Barry M Textured Nail Paint in Ridley Road

I really like this polish but I'm just not quite decided on whether I like it in general or I just really like the colour. The texture is definitely not for everyone, I know a lot of people like a really glossy nail but I'm a fan of matte nails anyway so I don't mind it too much. My mum's reaction was "It looks like you've not painted your nails properly" so obviously she's not a fan! I'm not sure I would go back and get the other colours, but that's more because of what the colours are I think. But I'm quite happy with it and I do think the colour is lovely :)

Have you tried any of these textured nail polishes? What did you think?

Hope you liked!

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