Wednesday, 6 March 2013

rimmel apocalips

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be talking about the new 'Lip Lacquers' from Rimmel - the Apocalips. I'm sure you've heard plenty about these already but since I've recently tried them out I wanted to share my thoughts.

Rimmel Apocalips

The three shades I bought were (L-R) 600 Nude Eclipse, 500 Luna and 101 Celestial. The idea of this product is a lipstick and a lipgloss combined into one. They apply and feel (to start with, anyway) like a lipgloss but have the pigmentation and finish of a lipstick. What I'm going to do is talk about my overall opinion of the products and then go on to talk about each shade individually.

Rimmel Apocalips

In general I am really impressed with the Rimmel Apocalips. I have to admit that from all the rave reviews I'd seen of them, I did have quite high expectations, but I wasn't disappointed at all. They're so creamy and easy to apply, and don't dry out the lips at all. I am 100% not a lipgloss person at all so if you're not either, you don't need to worry with these. Once on they just feel like a really creamy lipstick. Lasting power wise I was also impressed. They do last for a good few hours, as you would expect the darker shade lasts longer than the lighter ones. Eventually if left alone they will dry a little bit which makes them less likely to transfer.

Rimmel Apocalips

Nude Eclipse
This colour is the one that I think looks most scary on swatches - especially on the swatch that's not on my lips! It is a pretty neutral nude colour, there's not much hint of any other colour in it at all. I do worry a little about it washing me out but I think paired with the right makeup look it can look really nice. I also sometimes apply a smaller amount and rub it in with my fingers to tone it down a little.

This is a very orange toned coral colour. It's definitely really pretty when worn right but I think this is the one I'm most nervous to wear in public. I've tried this with a really small amount of Nude Eclipse on top and I think that makes it much more wearable. If you are a fan of orange/coral lips this would be perfect for you.

This is a fairly safe pink colour - a bit dusky, and very easy to wear. This was by far my favourite to apply of the three, and probably my favourite to wear in general. It's so smooth and pigmented, I found only one coat was needed of this.

So as mentioned I am extremely happy with the 3 shades that I have got and am definitely looking to purchase more - specifically the red one which I think is called Big Bang.

Have you tried these yet? Which shades would you recommend?

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