Wednesday, 8 May 2013

my first nubar experience

Hi everyone!

Today I have a bit of an exclusive for you! These are two new polishes by Nubar that should be coming out around the end of May, so this is quite a head start!

Nubar Polishes

The purple on the right is called Purple Love and the pink is called Summer Love. I have to be honest and say that I struggled to photograph these as they're so amazingly bright! But even so I couldn't resist sharing them with you.

Nubar Polishes

Like I said my camera struggled to pick up the difference, this was the best photo I could get although it's slightly out of focus. Both colours have a blue shimmer running through them, the purple more obvious than the pink. I've also found that the finish is almost rubbery - they're still super shiny and shimmery but there is a little bit of a difference to them that I can only describe as rubbery. They don't feel like that though, they feel very smooth and apply so effortlessly. I have a feeling that in this photo the purple is one coat, and the pink is two but could have got away with one - it might even be a one coater, I'm not certain. Either way the formula is great and the colours are just lovely! I prefer the pink to the purple as it's so eye catching and bright but they are both gorgeous.

Just want to say a massive thanks to my good friend Lizzie for giving me the chance to try these. I'd never tried any Nubar polishes before and am really glad I was able to, as I'm very impressed.

Have you tried any Nubar polishes before? Which colours would you recommend for me to try next?

Hope you liked!


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    1. Agreed, I'm not sure the photos do them justice as they are so bright! x


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