Sunday, 5 May 2013

primark haul

Hi everyone!

So, I spent rather a lot of money in Primark recently. I'm off to Spain again in June and wanted to get some things to wear while I'm away, and also for summer in general. This isn't everything as some of the things I bought were a bit boring to photograph, but I thought I'd show you a few of the things I got. 

I think my favourite purchase is something I didn't photograph as it didn't look good, but I bought a plain black maxi dress. It may not seem very exciting but because of my height and body shape, I've always liked them but they've never liked me! However the black one just seems to work really well in every way. Hopefully I'll have a photo to show you at some point over the next few months. Anyway, onto the things I can show!

Primark Haul

I was in a local branch of Primark a month or so ago and they had absolutely loads of sandals that I really liked. However when I went to my favourite branch to do this big shop, this is the only pair they had that I liked. Considering the amount I spent, this was probably a good thing..! But I am thinking about going back just before Spain to see if they have any others, as I don't have that many pairs of sandals.

Primark Haul

The pattern on these two skirts really stood out to me. Like pretty much everything in this post from here onwards, it's not something that's my usual style, but I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone a little. I picture wearing the bright one with either white, black or grey vests, and doing the opposite with the monochrome one with bright vests. I bought a minty green and a coral one which will look quite nice I think. The coloured one looks in the photo like it hangs a bit straighter but I think it's just the angle, in person they're both the same skater style which I like. They're a fairly thick material which I really like as they don't feel flimsy, they feel decent quality.

Primark Haul

This dress again just really stood out to me, I really like the print and the colours of it. It definitely needs to be belted to give it a bit of shape but I think it will look really lovely in the sun.

Primark Haul
Primark Haul
Primark Haul

Lastly I bought quite a lot of jewellery. Again, the style of most of this is quite out of my comfort zone, but they just made me think of summer so I gave them a try. I've worn a few pieces already and do really like them but I'm sure the bracelets especially will be forgotten about come September/October time. But all the jewellery I bought (I got some ear cuffs too but can't seem to find them at the minute) came to under £15 so for a few months wear I don't think that's bad at all.

So that's it for now. I am putting myself on a spending ban for a while!

Hope you liked!

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