Wednesday, 31 July 2013

ombre nails

Hi everyone!

Quick post from me today, just wanted to show you my attempt at ombre/gradient nails. This was done using W7 'White' and Barry M Gelly in Greenberry. My first attempt can ever so slightly be seen in this post but I had this vision of doing a white into mint nail look, and this is how it turned out. 

Ombre Nails

The minty green is more vivid in person than this photo shows. I definitely still need to perfect my technique - I used this tutorial which I found really useful and easy to follow. Overall though I'm happy with how these came out, I think they're really pretty while not being too in your face 'nail art' if that makes sense. The cleanup is not fun though! What I do like is because the sponge makes the coat of polish quite thin, they dry super fast and last really well too. I will definitely be doing this sort of nail look in the future!

Have you tried this technique? I would love to see some inspiration :)

Hope you liked!

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