Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Hi everyone!

Another quick nail post from me today. I got a couple of nail polishes for my birthday recently and decided to pair them together. One is a standard nude and the other is a bright yellow. Honestly neither of these are necessarily colours I'd wear alone. I find the nude a little too boring - although perfect for 'serious' events - and the yellow too much - although ideal for nail art. That makes perfect sense, right?! but together I quite like how they look.

Stripy Nails

The nude is Glow by Orly and the yellow is 'Electric Yellow from the Maybelline Color show collection.

I'm not too happy with the index finger stripes, I don't think I like the horizontal line. I was trying to not have just diagonal but actually I prefer the diagonal lines much more. I like how this looks as it negates what I didn't like about both polishes - it makes the nude more interesting and it tones down the yellow so it's not so in-your-face.

I'm also pretty happy with the Orly polish in terms of application, formula and staying power. I'm not sure about the Maybelline as obviously a few lines is not a great way to test a polish, but colour wise these lines are all just one coat so it's way more opaque than I thought it would be.

Anyway, I've written much more than I thought I would about such a simple nail look, so I'll leave it here.

Hope you liked!

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